Mental health matters Break the Social stigma

Mental health matters Break the Social stigma

Mental health matters Break the Social stigma We all have mental health, which is just like physical health. Even the mental disorders are just like the physical health disorders, which require care and cure. Its just we don’t look over the broader aspects. One can’t judge if someone is mentally ill or mentally well by outer appearance. Our mental health depends on many factors, such as our upbringing, our life circumstances, the stress we deal in our daily life. Mental disorders like depression and anxiety are often understated.

One should try to get a content feeling to stay positive and prove their total potential. One should try to live a satisfying life. We should try to be able to cope up with any difficulty in life. Being resilient helps us and also our dear ones. We get confident and can control ourselves when we stay content. We should be able to express our emotions and also be in charge of our actions. We should manage our feelings, highs and lows at all times.


This can be done by building up a good environment around us by having proper terms with our people. We should maintain good relationships. Everyone experiences a phase, where they go through a lot of stress and anxiety. It depends on us how we handle the level of negative feelings. We shouldn’t let these ill feelings get persistent, which would lead to a mental health disorder.

We should try to minimize our stress so that the disorders don’t become chronic. Its better to get treated as soon as we realize that something is causing us to slow down. The increasing disability gets continual if we neglect to treat the problem. It impacts the daily functioning of our life. It can also cause troubles in our family and work duties. One should go for the effective treatments in time, instead of getting uncertain of the symptoms. One shouldn’t fear to disclose the mental health issues to close ones. The sooner you act, the sooner you can get the support. Its our personal responsibility to maintain our well being.


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