Rishtey Pyar Three months leap with mystery hints

Rishte Pyaar Abir shocking hurtful move 24th August

Rishtey Pyar Three months leap with mystery hints Star Plus Yeh Rishtey Hai Pyaar Ke Abir and Mishti’s lives get a new start as the show takes a leap of three months. They move ahead only in the time course, while their lives stop merely due to Mishti’s secret. What lies in the past slowly unveils with Mishti getting panic attacks for some mysterious reason. Mishti dreams to be with Abir and entire Rajvansh family, happily witnessing the day of her baby shower.

She dreams to enjoy a great evening with the family, receiving blessings and wishes from one and all. Abir promises to be with her all the while in life’s highs and lows. Abir is all happy to see the lovely smile on her face. He feels that his life completed with the auspicious coming of his child. Very soon, Mishti’s dream turns out to be a nightmare when the entire family disappears and darkness begins to surround her.

She feels guilty that her bad actions have made her lose the family and love. She shouts to Abir to help her get the family back. The nightmare breaks off and she makes her worry reach Abir in reality. She panics while making her way out of Abir’s reach. Abir follows her to make her calm. He can’t leave his wife alone in the weak moment when his love is the only thing she can gain strength from.

He makes his love reach her through his poetic words, carrying his affection to her heart. Abir tells Mishti that whatever happened in the past isn’t her fault. She feels terrible that she has been wrong in her place and hidden the crime from the family. Mishti’s panicking behavior becomes a reason for Abir to stay away from the family. Mishti knows that she has become a reason for his unspoken sorrow. She feels sorry that he is living away from them because of her. She wants him to go back, but knows that he won’t go alone.

Abir makes excuses of NGO work and lockdown situation to stay away from home. The reason is something else, that Mishti has committed a crime accidentally and blaming herself. He wants to avoid Mishti’s arrest. He doesn’t want anyone to know her secret. Mishti tells him that she knows his heart is longing for his family. Abir asks her to not worry for him. Mishti decides to get back to the family. Meenakshi, Parul, Kuhu and everyone miss Abir at home.

Meenakshi awaits her son and feels Mishti has really broken her family. She has no idea about the reason Abir and Mishti are living away. She misses her son’s smiling face. She wants to see him once. Mishti tells Abir that they will be going back home to celebrate Meenakshi’s birthday. Abir gets too glad and wants to know if Mishti is sure about her decision. She sounds pretty sure. Meenakshi doesn’t want to compel Abir for coming home. When she gets to speak to him on the call, he wants to tell her about the return to home.

He changes his mind on seeing Mishti panic once again. Meenakshi gets depressed once again that Abir is making work excuses and isn’t coming back. She feels Mishti has chosen to stay separately, that’s why Abir left the family. Kuhu gets frustrated that Abir and Mishti left the whole work on Kunal and her. She gets tired of managing the house tasks alone. She wishes Mishti returns. Abir manages to throw a lovely surprise for Mishti. He brings a smile on her face. He wishes to erase the bad memories from her mind.

He tends towards Mishti with much love and understands her heart. Mishti too understands his heart and decides to take him home, by shedding her fears. What happens next? Mishti begins to spoil the fun because of her panic attacks and the secret gets close to reveal in front of the Rajvansh family. Stay tuned and keep reading for more on this show.

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