Kumkum Bhagyaa 14th July 2020 Pragya saves Ranbir

Kumkum Bhagyaa 14th July 2020 Pragya saves Ranbir

Kumkum Bhagyaa 14th July 2020 Pragya saves Ranbir Maya tells Prachi and others that she would have kept Ranbir happy if she married him. Prachi reminds that she has sent Ranbir to jail twice. Maya tells that she has done everything for Ranbir’s sake, she loves him and can’t see him in the jail. She asks them not to make fun of her feelings. She doesn’t think bad for him. She wants Prachi to let her go. Shahana scolds her.

Prachi tells that Dushyant has strong connections, he won’t spare them if they trouble her. Pragya asks her to stop scaring them. She doesn’t let Maya talk to Dushyant. Dushyant wants to know where did Maya go. Dushyant tells Maya’s mum that she should check news. He tells that he wants to frame Prachi in Maya’s murder case. She asks him what is he saying about Maya’s murder. Dushyant tells her that he has spoken to Maya and saved her life, else she would have committed suicide by now. He regrets that Ranbir got trapped in his plan.

She asks him to save Ranbir some how, since Maya wants to marry Ranbir. He tells that its not possible to save Ranbir now, else they will lose their reputation. He doesn’t want Chobey to lose his political ticket. Vikram is worried for Abhi. Aaliya goes to help Abhi. Ranbir blames himself for Abhi’s arrest. He tells the family that Abhi has saved him and went with the police. He feels Maya has really died. Meera tells that Abhi kept his promise. Ranbir doesn’t want to be silent. He wants to surrender so that he can save Abhi.

He apologizes to Pallavi. She asks him to just learn from the situation, he should learn a lesson from the life’s phase and gain strength. Ranbir doesn’t know what to do. She encourages him. She gets emotional while reminiscing his childhood moment. Ranbir wants to hide from the police. Pallavi helps him. Pragya, Prachi and others get Maya there. Pallavi is shocked to see Maya alive. Pragya tells that they will explain the matter. Pallavi asks who is framing Ranbir for Maya’s murder.

Pragya reveals that Maya has done everything, she plotted the fake murder to frame Prachi. Maya faces the wrath of Ranbir’s family. Sarita tells them how difficult it was to get Maya to him. Prachi asks Kohlis to decide the punishment for Maya. Pragya asks them to hurry up, else Maya’s family will not leave them. Vikram thanks Pragya for the help. He knows that Ranbir is free now and even Abhi will get released. Pragya and Prachi learn that Abhi got arrested. Vikram and Aryan tell them how Abhi got himself arrested to save Ranbir, he couldn’t see Ranbir in sorrow. Maya wants to meet Ranbir once. Pragya feels bad that Mr. Mehra got himself arrested.

Dida asks her to scold him when they meet. Meera is also happy that nothing will happen to Abhi and Ranbir now. Maya meets Ranbir and shocks him. Prachi asks Maya to get away. Maya tells her that Prachi and he provoked her by the drama, she wanted to get Prachi arrested or killed. Ranbir asks her to stop herself. He shows a mirror to Maya and asks her to face the truth. He tells that he doesn’t like Maya, she is better than any girl. He clears Maya’s misunderstanding. He asks her not to dare insult Prachi.

He tells that money and status don’t matter to him, he matters Prachi, who is a pure soul. Maya asks him the relation he shares with Prachi. Ranbir tells that Prachi is his friend, she can do anything to save him. He is thankful that Prachi cares so much for him. Prachi tells that Pragya and others have also come. He goes to meet Ranbir. Maya asks Prachi if she is happy now. Pragya wants to help Mr. Mehra. Aryan asks Shahana if she is fine. Shahana’s deep words impresses him. She tells that Ranbir and Prachi will be coming close. He tells that he will be the most happy person if Ranbir and Prachi get married.

Ranbir thanks Pragya for the help. Pragya tells that Sarita has done a lot to catch Maya. Pragya refuses the call when Maya’s mum calls Maya. Maya’s mum blames Dushyant for failing to help Maya. Maya argues with Prachi, since her marriage broke. Prachi asks her to get some sense, she has lost Ranbir after faking her death. Maya admits that she wanted to send Prachi to jail, but Ranbir made a mistake by accepting the blame. How will Pragya react on knowing that Abhi is Mr. Mehra? Keep reading.

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