Yeh Hai Chahatein Major revelation of mysterious Niketan

StarPlus Today Update Yeh Hai Chahatein 28th July 2020

Yeh Hai Chahatein Major revelation of mysterious Niketan Prisha and Rudraksh are asked to solve their fights. Saransh puts a condition that they become friends and stop their fights at once. He gets distant from them to scare them and puts them under pressure. He also asks them to share their secrets with each other, since that will make them good friends. He wants them to stay with love. He wishes to see them like a normal happy couple.

Saransh’s wish gets accepted. Rudraksh and Prisha get helpless to stay together, that too without any fights. They tell Saransh that they will not fight further. They want Saransh to come back to them. Saransh asks them to prove that they have fulfilled his conditions. He tells them that they have to share five unknown things about each other and he will confirm it too by asking them out when they meet him.

Rudraksh and Prisha are unaware that Saransh has made the plan along with Rudraksh’s mum. Saransh hides in his Dadi’s room. Rudraksh and Prisha start sharing few unknown secrets and come close emotionally. Saransh’s motive gets fulfilled. Prisha tells Rudraksh that she didn’t invite Yuvraj in the party hall when Bunty and Bubbles were getting married. She also clears her name from the theft case.

She wants Rudraksh to believe her. Rudraksh cares least about the assets and gives her a clean chit. Prisha then confides in him. They both share their childhood experiences and secrets. Prisha makes a shocking revelation in the form of her daring act of getting a piercing on her belly button. Rudraksh finds a great way to blackmail her, when she asks him to keep her secrets to himself. He tells her that if she troubles them, then he will reveal her secret to everyone. They finally bond well and friendly.

They go to inform Saransh that they have fulfilled the tasks. Rudraksh’s mom tells them that Saransh just wants them to stay happy together. They receive a big shock on not finding Saransh anywhere in the big house. Saransh was looking for them, when he gets kidnapped by a mysterious lady. Rudraksh learns that Saransh is kidnapped. Saransh and Prisha are much disliked by the enemy residing in Rudraksh’s house. Balraj expresses his hatred for Saransh. He is happy that the kid got away. He wishes that Saransh never comes back to trouble him. Prisha feels Balraj is behind Saransh’s disappearance. Rudraksh calls the cops to solve the matter. Saransh’s kidnapping breaks down Prisha.

It brings Rudraksh more closer to Prisha. He misses Rajeev badly and wants to find Rajeev’s son Saransh at any cost. The big truth of the mysterious lady will be coming out. The truth of the secret enemy will soon unfold. Niketan hates Prisha and Saransh, more than Balraj does. Niketan dons the avatar of the lady, dressed in a vibrant red saree. He kidnaps Saransh by taking the disguise to trouble Prisha. He wants to punish Prisha and Saransh for entering Rudraksh’s life and ruining Mishka’s future.

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