Anupama Latest New Journey Promo 16th July 2020

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Anupama Latest New Journey Promo 16th July 2020 Anupama expects the least from her family. She just wants them to be happy and love her. Her birthday comes as a great opportunity for her to bond with her otherwise busy family. She hopes that they remember her birthday. When everyone forgets her birthday, she gets the only hope from her husband, who declares about throwing a party at home. He doesn’t tell the purpose. He makes Anupama prepare for the surprise party.

She is glad to work on her birthday as well, since her family is habitual to her. She feels happy that everyone depends on her, the house runs on her shoulders. Her son Samar wishes her birthday on knowing about it. He also plans a special birthday surprise for her. Vanraj plans a colleague Kavya’s promotion party at his house. Anupama assumes it to be her birthday party. Vanraj and Kavya have a relation, unknown to Anupama. Anupama thinks Vanraj has got the cake for her. All her expectations shatter down when she sees Kavya’s name on the cake.

She learns that Vanraj has thrown the party for Kavya. The entire family forgets to wish Anupama and instead congratulate Kavya. Anupama hides her tears. Samar makes an entry in a filmi way. He dances on a song and spreads smiles. He gifts a bouquet to his mom and wishes her, which makes everyone feel guilty for forgetting Anupama’s birthday. Vanraj realizes his mistake, but doesn’t think its a big issue. Anupama gets cornered and sheds tears. Kavya takes the cake for her, while Anupama refuses to have.

Anupama congratulates her and acts rude, which gets witnessed by Vanraj. Vanraj takes it as Kavya’s insult. He takes fuming Kavya with him to drop her home. Kavya blames him for creating the problem. Samar makes a cake for Anupama and takes her for the celebration, after making her smile. Anupama waits for Vanraj at home. The family wishes Anupama and apologize for forgetting her birthday. Vanraj returns home and is much upset over his insult. He stays till the cake cutting and then blasts his anger on his wife for insulting him.

He belittles her in front of everyone. He behaves cold and separates himself from the celebrations. Anupama apologizes to him. She hopes that his anger subsides. Vanraj asks her to apologize to Kavya. He forgets that he also needs to apologize to Anupama. Ahead in the show, Anupama will be seen applying for a job. She gains the job by her expertise and motherly emotions. Anupama sets on a new journey of finding herself on a different phase. She will make her new identity.

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