Barister Babu Anirudh shields Bondita 16th July 2020

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Barister Babu Anirudh shields Bondita 16th July 2020 Bondita obeys Trilochan once again, when the tantric asks her to undergo a tough task to get rid of the evil spirit. Trilochan has blind faith in tantra vidya. He asks Bondita to go for it and get rid of the problem she has been facing since a long time. Tantric tells her that she has to stand in the cold water for two hours. He makes it tough that she has to stand on one foot. She finds it very hard to do.

She tells Trilochan that she can’t do it. He asks her to listen to them, since she can’t get them insulted in front of Mahapandit. He wants Anirudh to get free from the challenge too. He tells that he is actually helping Anirudh in winning the challenge. Bondita tells him that she would better leave for her house, her mum will look after her. Tantric asks Trilochan to make a leave, since Bondita will have to be alone when she undergoes the tapasya.

Trilochan finds it odd to leave her alone. He asks Bondita to think of it as her betterment and complete the tapasya. Bondita tells Trilochan that she is feeling scared. He fails to get any help for her since the tantric sends him away. Bondita begins to miss her mother when she stands in the cold water on her foot. Tantric chants some mantras and asks her to repeat after him. He tells her that she has to chant the mantras for two hours non-stop. She obeys his instructions. Anirudh gets busy talking to Saudamini.

She counts her favors on Bondita to make him realize that she is the only person supporting him right now, when there is no one who can handle his wife’s problem. She makes him realize that her help is priceless for him. He values Saudamini a lot and takes Bondita as her responsibility. She wants him to lose the challenge. She tells him that just three days are left now and its impossible for him to win the challenge given by Binoy. He tells her that he will have to solve the problem for Bondita. Bondita feels much cold. She waits for Anirudh. She thinks if he had been with her, then he would have saved her.

Anirudh hears the call from her heart. He tells Saudamini that he has to go to Bondita. Saudamini tells him that she can’t tell come to help him at night, since her dad has laid limitations for her. She lies to him so that he handles everything alone and gets tired of it. Anirudh understands that its tough for her to come at odd hours. He misses to find Bondita in her room. He then finds her with the tantric. He gets a huge shock and is moved to see her in trouble. He rushes to save her. Bondita tells the tantric about Anirudh’s anger.

She scares him and asks him to run for his life. The tantric runs away in the nick of time. Anirudh questions Bondita about the tantric. He wants to know who is behind the silly thing. Bondita doesn’t tell him that Trilochan has forced her to undergo the tapasya. He finds her hurt. He realizes that she has been hiding the elders’ mistakes to do her duty. He feels sorry that he isn’t able to protect her, despite making the promise to her family. He finally confronts Trilochan for hurting Bondita by his blind beliefs.

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