Kundali Bhagya Jumbled twists 16th July 2020

Kundali Bhagya Jumbled twists 16th July 2020

Kundali Bhagya Jumbled twists 16th July 2020 Preeta lies to the manager. She tells him that she is a psychologist, she is appointed for a secret task, she has to observe the staff’s behavior towards the customers, she will complain to the authorities if he questions her further. Manager is again convinced by her lie. She gets relieved that he believed her. She wants to find out the masked person. She rushes to find Rishabh. Prithvi tells Sherlyn that he will use chloroform to faint down Rishabh and Karan. He wants to shift Rishabh to some other place.

He asks Sherlyn to go home, so that they aren’t spotted together. Sherlyn agrees to him. Karan feels helpless and wants to save Rishabh. He doesn’t succeed in opening the ropes. He thinks of Preeta. Preeta and Karan get into a cute love moment. He wonders why is he sinking in her eyes again.

He doesn’t know why he loves her so much and then feels angry on himself for always believing her. Shrishti hugs Preeta on meeting her and finding her fine. Preeta asks them why did they come. Shrishti tells that she has come to help. She wants to protect her sister. She complains about Sameer. Preeta knows Shrishti troubles Sameer. Preeta tells them that Karan is also captive, they have to find Rishabh and Karan. Sameer tells her that they should free Karan first. Preeta complains about Karan’s nonsense talks. She tells that she got angry on Karan and tied him back. Shrishti feels proud that she has arranged the master key.

Preeta tells that they have to find the room where Rishabh is kept. Shrishti tells that she knows the room number where the kidnapper is hiding. Mahira reaches the hotel. She calls Sherlyn and wants her to be honest. Sherlyn asks Mahira not to trouble her. Mahira gets mad since she wants to marry Karan. She asks Sherlyn to tell her about the kidnapper. She knows that Sherlyn is aware of the truth. She threatens to tell the truth to Luthras. Sherlyn calls her to the hotel room. She wants to control Mahira. Prithvi goes to scare Rishabh.

Rishabh asks him to free Karan and him. Prithvi asks him to sign the property papers. Rishabh feels none can harm him. He gives the last chance to him. Prithvi tries to faint down Rishabh when the latter shouts for help. He looks for Rana. Rana gets the chloroform. Prithvi asks him to catch up speed if he wants to be successful like him. Sherlyn returns to Prithvi. Rishabh tells Prithvi that he is doing wrong. Preeta reaches the room. Rishabh tries to free himself from the ropes. Prithvi stops him. Sherlyn hides from Rishabh. Rishabh tells that he never steps back if anyone does wrong with him.

Prithvi acts to get emotional about him. Rishabh is asked to sign the papers. Prithvi doesn’t stop himself. Preeta unlocks the room at the same instance. Rishabh faints down by the drug. Sherlyn guards at the door. Mahira looks for Sherlyn. She informs Ramona that she is looking for Karan. Ramona doesn’t think Karan will be in trouble. Mahira expresses her worry. Ramona tells that everyone is looking for Rishabh and Karan. She asks Mahira to come back and get ready for the wedding. Rakhi and Kareena drive to the hotel. They stay stressed. Mahira is also stressed. She wants to marry on the same day. Ramona asks her to contact her dad to take help. She tells her that they have to tell the entire truth to her dad.

Kundali Bhagya Jumbled twists 16th July 2020

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