Choti Sardarni Tonight Meher loses her baby 21st July 2020

Choti Sardarni Sarabjeet's decision 15th July 2020

Choti Sardarni Tonight Meher loses her baby 21st July 2020 Meher and Sarabjeet panic when the baby gets stolen from the ward. Sarabjeet asks the nurses to find the baby. He asks if their hospital is genuine or not. He scolds the staff. Meher breaks down into tears. She has tolerated a lot to deliver the baby. Sarabjeet consoles her. He promises her that he won’t let anything happen to the baby. The man takes away the baby in the cradle. Sarabjeet madly looks for the baby. He wakes up the staff, who is sleeping on duty.

Sarabjeet tells them that his baby got stolen from the incubator. The staff tries hard to find the baby. Sarabjeet asks the nurse to take care of Meher. Meher tries hard to get up from the bed and go to find the baby. Nurse asks Meher to have faith, her baby will be found soon. Meher lies helpless. Sarabjeet checks the hospital well. He gets the hospital’s exit sealed. Meher gets the medicines injected again. Dr. Aditi calls the nurse to know about Meher. Meher faints down. The nurse goes away to answer Dr. Aditi’s call. The baby’s tag falls down.

The security finds the baby in the feeds. Nurse learns that Sarabjeet is also on the same floor. Nurse calls up Sarabjeet to mislead him by her talks. Sarabjeet gets close to see the attacker. He asks the nurse to stay with Meher until he comes. He gets to see the kidnapper hiding. Meher asks the nurse to let her go out. The nurse tries hard to stop her. Meher gets raged up and wants her answers.

Sarabjeet goes after the kidnapper. He doesn’t catch him. He gets tricked. He just gets the kidnapper’s clothes. The guards reach him and tell him that the kidnapper was on the same floor, just few feet away and was taking the baby in the cradle. Sarabjeet asks them to find the kidnapper. He comes across Meher, who also reaches there to find her baby. He asks her to go to her ward and take rest.

Meher wants to know about her new born baby. Sarabjeet asks her to remember his promise, the baby will come back to her, and until then she will not go anywhere, she will get medical attention and cooperate with the staff. He sends Meher back to the ward. He rushes to find the baby. Sarabjeet finds the kidnapper and fights with him. Sarabjeet and Meher get confused when they find the baby mixed up with the other babies in the baby care ward. They have to give the test and find the baby.

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