Ishq Mein Marjawa New Promo Vansh Riddhima Kabir

Ishq Mein Marjawa Colors Vansh buries Riddhima 4th Sept

Ishq Mein Marjawa New Promo Vansh Riddhima Kabir Riddhima keeps an eye on Vansh, after getting saved from his suspicion. She succeeds to keep the transmitter with her. She doesn’t let anyone know that she is really that stranger who is living with them to serve the purpose of collecting evidences against the smuggler shark Vansh. She follows Vansh to the dark place in the lawn. He seems to meet someone mysterious. Vansh also senses someone’s presence around. He wants to find out the person spying on him. He makes a plan and gathers everyone in the living room. He questions Riddhima.

When she lies, he wants to confront her to know the truth. Riddhima succeeds to fool Vansh once again by her convincing innocence. Siya gets on Riddhima’s side to defend her. Siya doesn’t know that Riddhima is with Vansh’s enemy, Kabir. Vansh spares Riddhima again. He asks her to treat Siya and make her capable to walk on her own. Riddhima misses Kabir a lot. She recalls their wonderful memories and their love confessions. She gains strength from Kabir’s words, knowing he has sent her for the mission to serve their country.

Later, Riddhima tries to spy on Vansh. She checks his room. She tells Kabir that she is trying a lot, its her chance to get information against Vansh, but she didn’t get any clue. She doesn’t understand. Kabir asks her to find some client details or any financial transactions record, so that they can know about Vansh’s business. She checks the place thoroughly and seems to find some documents. She informs Kabir about the findings. Vansh reaches the house. He goes to his room and finds Riddhima there. He stops her from leaving. Riddhima gets panicking when she gets caught. Kabir feels helpless to send his love to his enemy, for his main aim to expose Vansh’s illegal businesses. He wants to serve his duty and needs Riddhima’s assistance.


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