Colors Super Spoilers NEW 23rd July 2020 Upcoming

Colors Super Spoilers NEW 23rd July 2020 Upcoming

Colors Super Spoilers NEW 23rd July 2020 Upcoming Vansh and Riddhima are coming closer, while she is hiding her identity and motive to enter his life. She has come to his mansion to find evidences against him, knowing its his kingdom and its tough to outdo him. Vansh clears the house rules to her. He finds her innocent. He tells her that he is allowing her to roam around in his house, which doesn’t mean that she can always do her wishful.

He wants her to remember her limits. He sets the limits for everyone in the house. Vansh believes her since she told the truth. He asks her to never lie, else she can’t imagine the outcome. She doesn’t care for his warning. She is ready to die for Kabir’s mission. Vansh realizes her simplicity and innocence, which is slowly affecting his heart. Riddhima helps his family while doing her job. Riddhima bonds with his Dadi.

She covers up her motives when Vansh suspects her. She asks Vansh to share his life with her, if he wants her to share her life’s truth. Vansh finds her personality interesting. He gets interested to know her more. Vansh gets close to see her picture with Kabir. He misses to see it. He grows curious to know about her lover. He asks his men to find out everything about Riddhima.

Choti Sardarni:

Meher has identified her baby from the orphan kids. She happily gets the baby home. Sarabjeet loves the baby a lot. He wants to make sure that Meher and the baby stay safe. Meher comes home with her baby. She feels heartbroken when nobody from the family welcomes her. Sarabjeet plans a surprise for her. The nurse sent by Dr. Aditi takes up Meher’s care responsibility.

She convinces Sarabjeet that she can look after Meher and the baby for few days, since Meher is much weak. Meher spends time with her baby. The nurse turns evil again and plans to kill Meher and her baby. She adds the poison in the drink and takes it for Meher. She wants Meher to consume it. Sarabjeet is unaware of the nurse’s evil conspiracies. How will Sarabjeet save Meher’s life?

Barrister Babu:
Bondita finds a solution to help Anirudh in treating his wound. Anirudh stays adamant that no one can treat his wound. He keeps his wound open and hurts himself more. He tells that he will not accept the treatment until Bondita gets treated. Trilochan wants Bondita to help Anirudh. He reminds her the wife’s duty to look after the husband’s well-being. Trilochan learns about her plan to heal Anirudh’s wound. He supports her. They both come with an idea to trick Anirudh. Bondita cures Anirudh’s hand with the haldi.

She proves to be efficient and suitable to become Anirudh’s wife. For the first time, Trilochan gets impressed with her. He feels Anirudh’s decision to marry her is right, she is the one who can handle Anirudh’s temper. He tells Binoy that they shall accept little Bondita as Anirudh’s wife. Binoy doesn’t think so.

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