Zee Trailers New Today 23rd July Kumkum and more

Zee Trailers New Today 23rd July Kumkum and more

Zee Trailers New Today 23rd July 2020 Kumkum and more Kundali Bhagya Another sad twist strikes Preeta. Rana accuses her for the kidnapping crime. Preeta tells Luthras that she can never hurt Rishabh. She tells them that she had seen Rishabh in trouble and followed him, she had risked her life and got kidnapped as well. Rishabh believes her since he has seen her in the captivity. He tells the family that Preeta is innocent, he knows it well, she is being framed once again. He wonders who is trapping her again and again.

Preeta pleads her innocence to Karan, who doesn’t seem to believe her easily. Preeta gets accused by Sherlyn and Mahira. Mahira tells them that Preeta had a motive to kidnap Rishabh, since she wanted to stop Karan’s marriage. Preeta doesn’t accept nonsense from Mahira. She tells that though she has not kidnapped Rishabh, but she really wished Karan’s marriage to stop. She asks Luthras not to suspect her.

Kumkum Bhagya:Abhi and Pragya come face to face by the twist of fate. They meet inside the lift when they visit the same place. They get too happy to meet. Abhi hugs her and tells her that this time he won’t let her go. He happily cries. She stops him from crying. Will they stay together this time? On the other hand, Ranbir and Prachi try hard to handle Chobey. They make a plan to unite Maya and Rahul.

Guddan Tum Se Na Ho Payega:
Guddan and Akshat aren’t aware of the truth that the baby is really theirs. Their baby was stolen by Ganga and then got adopted by Akshat. He feels guilty to lie to Guddan that the baby is their daughter. He doesn’t know that fate has played a joke on him that he isn’t able to identify his own blood. Ganga plans to trouble Guddan and reveal the adoption truth to her some way. She calls a couple home who claim to be the baby’s parents. The fake couple’s claim shocks Guddan. Akshat tells Guddan that the couple is lying and the baby is their daughter. Ganga comes up with fake evidences to prove the lie. How will Akshat manage the situation? Keep reading.

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