Barister Babu Impressive twists coming 24th July 2020

Barister Babu Update Preview Trilochan hides his plans

Barister Babu Impressive twists coming 24th July 2020 Bondita gets questioned by the Mahapandit about her illness. She could have told it, if it was not about the family prestige. Trilochan gave her a big responsibility to save his family reputation and name by hiding about her problem. Bondita gets badly caught when the pandit expects her to just say the truth by swearing on her mother. Bondita loves her mother a lot and can’t imagine to false swear on her. She engages the Pandit in an engaging argument and makes him forget the main subject.

She tells him that like he can never swear on his Goddess for any matter, she can also not swear on her mother, who is like a Goddess for her. She sings praises of her mother. Her poetry touches Trilochan’s heart. Trilochan finds her wise as Anirudh when it comes to convince anyone by the talks. Pandit lets her go without answering him, when her big talks clears his mind. He thinks she doesn’t have any problem, since she is much mentally alert and sound.

He asks Trilochan not to hide anything from him, if he learns anything upsetting about Bondita, then he will shift the puja at some other landlord’s house. Trilochan is thankful that Bondita managed the situation. Binoy and Saudamini get to know this. Saudamini suggests that they reveal Bondita’s problem to the Brahmans and then get her ousted from the house. She tells that the pandit will snatch the puja opportunity from Trilochan, which would make the latter throw out Bondita from Anirudh’s life and the house. She thinks its an easy task. Binoy gets angry on her for being so insensitive towards Trilochan’s devotion and emotions.

He tells her that Trilochan has his sentiments linked to the puja, he would never want to lose the puja to someone else. He also adds that the puja would make them more famous in the farmers’ circle, who would respect them more. He asks Saudamini to think about the bigger prospectives. He also wants the puja to be conducted in his house. He wishes that Bondita’s problem doesn’t affect his family. He tells Saudamini that they will find some other way to throw out Bondita, and then Saudamini will be his Bahu for sure.

Saudamini gets happy with his assurance. She cherishes her memories with Anirudh, her childhood love. She wants to marry him soon. Trilochan finds Anirudh busy in finding a solution for Bondita’s problem. He can’t see Anirudh hurting himself. He feels much sorry that Anirudh is suffering in his life because of his marriage to a little girl instead sensible Saudamini. Still, he respects the institution of marriage. He has accepted Bondita as his Bahu. He now wants to protect her prestige as well. He wants to find a solution for her problem so that he can see Anirudh free from the task. He wants Anirudh and Bondita to stay happy together. Anirudh tries the home remedies and prepares a kada for Bondita.

He wants her to consume it at night before sleep so that she doesn’t face the same problem again. He is stressed since its just two days left for the puja. Trilochan wishes that the family doesn’t lose their reputation because of Bondita, else it will be tough to let her stay in the house. He can’t see Anirudh breaking down. He decides to take an initiative for Anirudh’s sake. Will he allow Anirudh to get Bondita treated by the doctor? Keep reading.

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