Rishtey Pyaar Hotstar 24th July Abir’s shocking decision

Rishtey Pyaar Hotstar 24th July Abir's shocking decision

Rishtey Pyaar Hotstar 24th July Abir’s shocking decision Abir deals with the truth that Karan is Varun’s brother. He asks Mishti to write a letter and express her emotions to the family so that she can earn their forgiveness. Mishti writes a letter and feels relieved after expressing her guilt and regret in the letter. She asks Abir to send the letter to the dead guy’s family. Abir doesn’t tell her that its Varun’s family.

He lies to her that he will post the letter. Mishti happily participates in the preparations for Ketki’s marriage. She prepares lunch for the family. Meenakshi gets happy to see her active. She gives a task to Mishti when the latter insists. She doesn’t want Mishti to make any mistake. Abir doesn’t let Meenakshi or anyone see the letter. He rushes to burn the letter. He knows that he isn’t doing anything wrong. Varun calls up Abir to get his help in selecting his wedding sherwani. He tells that he is missing his brother a lot.

He wants Abir to do Karan’s duty. Abir feels guilty and agrees to meet him. He wants to keep Mishti away from the talks. Nidhi asks Mishti if she has given the cards to Abir. Mishti realizes that she just forgot it. She goes after Abir and finds him burning the letter. She wonders how is he burning her written feelings, how is he lying to her. She gets too worried to know that Abir started to trick her for some reason unknown to her. She still believes Abir, who will decide everything for her betterment. She wants her answers from Abir.

She tries to find about the dead guy by taking someone’s help. Abir meets Varun and helps him out in selecting the sherwani. He gets into the unwanted talks about Karan. He tries to change the topic and avoid the talks. Varun intentionally discusses about Karan’s death, which seemed to be a murder to him. He tells that he wants to get justice for Karan by getting the murderer punished. Abir hints him that maybe Karan was at fault that someone killed him. Varun jokingly vents out his suspicion, anger and ill feelings on Abir. Abir doesn’t realize that Varun already knows the truth. Mishti meets someone to get details about Karan.

Kuhu follows Mishti to Abir’s NGO. She learns about Mishti’s search. She thinks Mishti is hiding some secret. She goes home to inform Meenakshi about Mishti’s suspicious behavior. Jasmeet and Kuhu frame Mishti by stealing the cards from her. Mishti looks for the cards. Meenakshi creates a big scene on knowing that Mishti went to the NGO by lying to them. She wants to know what is going on and why. She confronts Mishti for taking Ketki’s marriage arrangements lightly. She thinks Mishti is keeping Abir engaged by the illness drama. She rebukes Mishti for always spoiling their happiness. Meenakshi overhears Abir and Mishti’s conversation.

She doesn’t understand much and thinks to question them. Abir lies to Mishti that he has sent the letter to the dead guy’s family. Mishti gets upset on him. Meenakshi blames Mishti for snatching Abir from them. She demands to know the secret. She shouts on Mishti and weakens her. Abir comes to Mishti’s rescue when the entire family blames her at the same time and breaks her down. Abir protects his wife. Meenakshi gets angered that he always sides up with his wife. She tells them that both of them can stay away from Ketki’s marriage if they want, since they have no interest in the preparations.

Abir asks them not to insult Mishti further, since she isn’t keeping well. The family learns that Abir has booked his tickets and is leaving before Ketki’s marriage. They get upset with Abir’s alienated behavior. Abir wants to protect Mishti from Varun’s family and police. He knows that Mishti will be considered wrong since she has no proof of Karan’s misbehavior. He thinks its better to leave the house and get away, than initiating a war with his family. Abir and Mishti’s departure gets certain. Meenakshi doesn’t want them to leave. Abir gets into a heated argument with them. He fears that Ketki will lose her happiness if Mishti gets caught by Varun’s family. Abir faces all the criticism by his decision.

Mishti tells Meenakshi that she didn’t know Abir’s decision. Nobody believes her and regards her a family breaker. Abir tries to explain Mishti the reason for his sudden decision. Mishti questions him about the dead guy’s family. In the upcoming episodes, Mishti will get caught by Varun. Varun breaks off his marriage with Ketki. Abir will be suffering the most in this huge mess.

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