Kasautii Zindagii Shocker for Prerna 27th July Preview

Kasautii Zindagii Shocker for Prerna 27th July Preview

Kasautii Zindagii Shocker for Prerna 27th July Preview Prerna barges into Basu mansion to meet Komolika and confront her about Shivani’s kidnapping. Prerna doesn’t know anything about Shivani and panics. Mohini tells her that Komolika isn’t at home. Prerna gets rude towards her and mutes her. She searches for Komolika in the house. Anurag misses Prerna. He informs Sid that he is going away for some days, again to help out Prerna. Sid can’t believe that such selfless love exists in today’s times.

Sid wants to tell everything to Prerna about Anurag’s sacrifices and secret help. Anurag doesn’t want to talk to his family. Prerna comes across Nivedita. She tells Nivedita about Anurag and Komolika’s plan to get Shivani kidnapped by Ronit. She accuses Anurag. Nivedita doesn’t believe the nonsense. Prerna expresses her pain. She tells that Anurag tried to kill her and now its her turn to take revenge on him.

She explains that she never hurt his family in her revenge saga, but Anurag is hurting her family. She doesn’t want Shivani to get troubled. Nivedita wants to know what has Anurag done in the past and why did he leave Prerna to marry wicked Komolika. She doesn’t show any sympathy for Prerna. Prerna meets Komolika and provokes her to the limit that she commits some mistake. She confronts Komolika for Shivani’s kidnapping.

She tells Komolika that she will soon expose her. Komolika tells her that she has no idea about Shivani. She acts clean. Prerna lets her panic and rush out of the house. Komolika contacts Ronit and gets to know about his location. Ronit calls her to handle Shivani. Komolika leaves from the house. Prerna follows her. Mr. Bajaj learns about Shivani’s kidnapping through his manager Raj. He worries for Prerna, who went to follow the kidnapper. He calls up Prerna and learns her plans to nab the kidnapper.

She informs him about Komolika and Ronit’s evil plan. He tells her that the police will take her complaint seriously now. He rushes to the police station to take charge of the matter. Prerna follows Komolika to the old house, where Ronit has kept Shivani captive. Prerna tells Mr. Bajaj that he should get the police to the location. Mr. Bajaj lectures the inspector. He uses his influence and gets Fir filed in time. He wants the police to contact Prerna, know her location and help her. He wants Shivani to get rescued soon. Mr. Bajaj defends Prerna and her name, since she is his wife. He wants her to live in peace.

Prerna finds Komolika meeting Rohit. She confronts Ronit about Shivani. Ronit lies to her. Prerna gets help from Mr. Bajaj and the police. The media gets to see Mr. Bajaj at the police station and finds Shivani’s kidnapping news a big one. The media follows him to the old house to record the scene. They want to get breaking news. Prerna finds Shivani with the help of the police. Though Komolika and Ronit don’t answer her, she questions Shivani. She asks Shivani to admit that Komolika and Ronit kidnapped her.

After a huge number of arguments, Prerna asks the cops to arrest Komolika and her evil brother. The media questions Komolika if she is really behind the kidnapping. The cops arrest the evil duo. Nivedita and Moloy call Prerna to know the matter. Moloy learns that Prerna got Komolika arrested. He asks Mohini and Nivedita to feel free from Komolika and thank Prerna for saving them from daily dose of humiliation. He asks them to let Komolika get rotten in the jail. Mohini wants to save Komolika for the sake of their family reputation.

Moloy doesn’t like when Prerna accuses Anurag for the kidnapping. The media questions Ronit about Shivani. Prerna wants the cops to punish Ronit. Shivani makes a shocking step. Prerna gets a major shock when Ronit acts innocent and gets supported by Shivani. Shivani declares that she is in love with Ronit and accompanied him wishfully. Komolika succeeds to mislead Prerna. Shivani tells Prerna that she loves Ronit and wanted Komolika to accept their relation. Komolika keeps her image clean and accepts Shivani. She asks Prerna if she will accept Ronit.

Prerna gets criticized by Komolika in front of the media. Komolika and Ronit get free from the police. They reach Basu family and share the incidents with Mohini. Prerna drags Shivani home to confront her mad decision. Mr. Bajaj fails to reach them in time. He learns the entire matter later. Shivani admits that she has chosen Ronit and wants to marry him, keeping her love story away from Prerna’s revenge. What will Prerna do now? Keep reading.

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