StarPlus Today Update Yeh Hai Chahatein 28th July 2020

StarPlus Today Update Yeh Hai Chahatein 28th July 2020

StarPlus Today Update Yeh Hai Chahatein 28th July 2020 Niketan’s truth gets exposed in front of everyone. He holds Saransh captive to get free from Rudraksh and Prisha. The entire family asks him to leave Saransh. Ahana and Mishka ask Niketan why is he doing this. Prisha makes a plan to bring the truth out. She asks Rudraksh to expose Niketan’s stuff. Rudraksh throws away Niketan’s suitcase. Everyone gets to see the feminine clothes and accessories.

Ahana asks Niketan if he has bought that for someone, who is in his life now. Saransh reveals the shocking truth that Niketan likes to dress like a woman and live like a woman, he enjoys it. He tells them that he caught Niketan in the feminine avatar and that’s the reason why Niketan kidnapped him to conceal his secret. Saransh tells them that Niketan didn’t want anyone to know it. Ahana and Mishka get the big shock.

They get angry on their dad for being a cross-dresser. They tell Niketan that he has ruined their reputation, they shouldn’t have known this bitter truth. They criticize him a lot. Prisha takes a stand for him and tells them that Niketan’s personal choice can’t be judged. She requests Niketan to leave her son. Niketan doesn’t listen to anyone and continues to threaten them. He gets raged up that Prisha and Saransh ruined everything by bringing his truth out. He gets mad at them.

Prisha wants Niketan to shoot her if he wants, but she will not be scared of him, when its about rescuing her son. Niketan warns her to get back. Prisha doesn’t listen to him. Prisha tells him that she is ready to die for Saransh. Niketan shoots her down, much to everyone’s shock. Rudraksh runs to save Prisha and Saransh from Niketan. Ahana changes her side to secure her place in the house. She is ashamed of her dad’s shocking truth. She sympathizes with Prisha and Rudraksh. She offers them help. She gets Niketan arrested since he deserves the punishment. She later tells Mishka the need for her change of heart.

She wants Mishka and her life to stay lavish as before. She hopes Rudraksh forgives them for their dad’s crime. Ahana and Rudraksh get Prisha and Saransh to the hospital. They admit the victims. Rudraksh gets stressed up. He doesn’t want to lose Rajeev’s son. He gets consoled by his family. He promises Prisha that he will not let anything happen to Saransh. In the track ahead, Rudraksh learns that Prisha got critical, while Saransh is stable. What will Rudraksh do to save Prisha? Keep reading.

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