Kasautii Tonight Dark twists of love hatred 30th July

Kasautii Tonight Dark twists of love hatred 30th July

Kasautii Tonight Dark twists of love hatred 30th July Anurag misses Prerna in his life. He sees her picture and thinks of their love. Prerna too misses him. He feels he should be away from her for her betterment. Prerna thinks of their moments. She doesn’t want to fall weak once again. Anurag feels he will always remain loyal to Prerna. He is ready to face her hatred. Moloy and Kaushik try to find the truth from Ronit about his relationship with Shivani. Kaushik disturbs his sleep and reminds their big agenda. Prerna happens to meet Sneha on the way. She gets happy. Sneha bonds with her happily.

Prerna gets emotional when Sneha wishes to get her mother back. Sneha tells that she lost her mother long time back, she has met her the day she made this wish. Prerna also shares about losing her daughter. Veena calls Prerna home urgently. Prerna rushes to home. Moloy and Kaushik try to cleverly find out the truth, but Ronit is much smarter. Ronit doesn’t want to answer them. Kaushik tries hard to get the truth out by criticizing Shivani. Moloy also feels that Shivani isn’t suitable for Ronit. Ronit knows they are trapping him.

He doesn’t want to get fooled. Kaushik asks Ronit not to marry Shivani, if he isn’t sure that he loves her. Ronit tells them that he loves Shivani, its his true love and he can’t lose her. He asks them not to pose any problem for his marriage. Moloy knows that Ronit is clever and lied to them. Kuki tells Prerna about the guests coming. Prerna gets to meet Komolika.

Komolika tells them that they shall keep Ronit and Shivani’s engagement soon. She has accepted their relationship. She asks Prerna about her answer. Prerna gets helpless to agree since her entire family already gave their nod. Komolika tells Prerna that they will have the grand function for their siblings. She is ready to change their enmity into good relations. She asks Prerna to forget their past. Prerna knows Komolika has ruined her life. She hopes that Ronit really changed. Komolika tricks her into believing Ronit.

She doesn’t think Prerna can save Shivani, who is blindly in love with Ronit. Komolika gives the good news to Basu family about the engagement date fixing. She asks Mohini to help her in doing the arrangements. She wants the best for her brother. Ronit and Komolika hide their plan from Moloy. Prerna shares her suspicion with Mr. Bajaj. He asks her to protect Shivani. He promises to expose Ronit’s truth to Shivani. Komolika asks Ronit to blind Shivani with his fake love. He hates her, but agrees to her plans. He wants to make Shivani’s life a living hell. Mr. Bajaj assures Prerna that he will not let Shivani get married to evil Ronit.

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