Kumkum Bhagya Critical twists Abhi Pragya 31st July

Kumkum Bhagya Critical twists Abhi Pragya 31st July

Kumkum Bhagya Critical twists Abhi Pragya 31st July Pallavi and Dida come up with a drama. They fight in front of Maya’s mum. Pallavi misbehaves with Dida. Dida asks Maya’s mum to think about Maya, Pallavi won’t be sparing her after marriage. She tells that Maya shouldn’t get married in their house. Maya’s mum tells her that Maya is well trained and will handle Pallavi well. She tells that Maya will make Pallavi right in few days of the marriage itself, Maya won’t get scared, its not in their blood to get scared of anyone. Dida’s big plan fails.

Abhi and Pragya spend time together. They get worried when there is a smoke appearing in the lift. Pragya asks Abhi to find out the smoke source, maybe some wires have burnt. Rahul asks Prachi about the plan. Prachi asks him to make Maya realize his love, from his heart, so that she believes him. She tells him that he should assure her that he will never leave her. Rahul asks her to just give a demo.

Prachi makes him rehearse. She tells him that he will keep telling Maya that he loves her, he will look into her eyes and confess that she is his life. She asks him not to get nervous. Ranbir also gets tips from her. He wants to confess love to her the way she explained. Ranbir tells that he understood and even Rahul got it. He thinks to propose Prachi again. Prachi asks Ranbir and Aryan to be with Dushyant and Chobey, so that they don’t doubt on him. She tells that if Maya runs away, then Ranbir shouldn’t be doubted. Ranbir likes her plan.

Ranbir and Prachi work out the plan. Abhi tells the manager that the smoke is spreading in the lift. He wants them to open the door. Pragya panics and asks them to open the door quickly. Abhi tells that he won’t let anything happen to her. She tells that she is habitual to live in smoke, but he isn’t, she doesn’t want him to get harmed by the smoke. Pragya calms her down. He tells that the beauty is the relation is still the same, they both save each other and they always stay together.

Abhi tells her that she can’t be habitual to smoke, its always dangerous for everyone. He knows she is saying this since she cares for him more than her own life. She wants to save him first. He tells her that he also worries for her a lot. He tells that they will come out of the problem. He bangs the door to ask for help. Pragya feels shortness of breath. Manager asks him to give them some time. Abhi scolds him for running the faulty lift. Manager tells that they are trying the best. Abhi gets shocked when Pragya faints down.

He asks Pragya to talk to her. He tells her that he can’t live if anything happens to her. He asks her to open her eyes and see him. He tells that they have to meet their daughters. He shouts for help. Prachi wants to call Pragya. She calls Pragya. Abhi answers the call and tells about Pragya’s condition, she is stuck in the lift, she isn’t able to breathe. She doesn’t hear anything. She tells Pragya about Abhi receiving the businessman of the year award many times. Manager tells Abhi that the lift isn’t opening from outside.

He wants him to try to open the lift from inside, else they may die because of the smoke. Abhi struggles to find a way. He asks them to help. Abhi tries hard to open the lift. He succeeds to an extent and faints down. Prachi fails to know about Pragya. She tells Shahana that she will take Maya to Rahul. Maya’s mum suspects the ongoing situation. Maya asks the matter. Maya’s mum complains about Pallavi. Maya tells that she will see Pallavi and Vikram. Dida asks her not to tell anything to Vikram, he is really innocent. Maya assures that she will save her from Pallavi once she gets married. Ranbir and Prachi try to get Maya to Rahul.

Rahul finds them arguing. Prachi tells that she will be going if Ranbir irritates her. She tells that Maya hates me, she will not believe her, Ranbir will get Maya to the room and unite her with Rahul. Rahul feels jealous of Ranbir. Prachi tells that Maya doesn’t love Ranbir. Ranbir asks Prachi to stick to her words. Prachi asks him to use his mind and think of Maya. She tells that Maya isn’t doing right with him. Ranbir agrees with her. He tells that he will go and call Maya. Prachi asks him to call Maya and ask her to come to the room. Abhi and Pragya get rescued from the lift. They inhale much smoke and get hospitalized. The doctors treat them.

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