Kumkum Bhagya Latest Prachi new plan 4th August 2020

Kumkum Bhagya Latest Prachi new plan 4th August 2020

Kumkum Bhagya Latest Prachi new plan 4th August 2020 Maya realizes that money and status matter a lot in life. Maya’s mum asks her to learn from her life’s experience. She asks Maya to realize what she wants in her life. She brainwashes Maya. Maya selects Ranbir for his richness. She thinks luxury matters more than love. Maya’s mum tells her that she shouldn’t elope for love since she has to save her parents’ respect. She tells that everything happens for its own good. Maya understands her point.

After her mum goes, Rahul meets her and asks her to come with him quickly. Maya refuses to elope with him. He gets depressed. Rahul tells Ranbir and Prachi that Maya backed out, she doesn’t want to elope. Ranbir asks why did Maya change her mind. Prachi tells another idea to Ranbir. Ranbir tells Prachi that her idea will work, Rahul has to die. Rahul tells that he doesn’t want to die. Prachi explains that he has to fake death to make realize Maya her love for him.

Rahul asks what do they mean to say. Ranbir tells that he will not die, he will act and get his love. He also wants to get his love Prachi. Ranbir asks Rahul to fake a suicide attempt, so that Maya comes running for him. Rahul tells that he loves Maya and is ready to do anything for her. Prachi explains her complete plan to her friends. Ranbir wishes all the best to Rahul. They hope the plan works this time. Prachi executes her plan.

She informs Maya about a guy going to end his life and claiming to love Maya. Maya can’t believe this. She realizes that its Rahul. Maya asks them about Rahul. She runs to save Rahul. Prachi gets happy that Maya fell into her plan. Ranbir asks Rahul to just act genuinely. Rahul hangs himself to play the drama. He really gets breathless. Ranbir and Aryan rush to save him. Maya sees Rahul hanging. She panics. Ranbir and Aryan realize that Maya can’t save Rahul alone. Ranbir distracts Maya. He tries to help Rahul. Rahul falls down from the table. His life gets saved.

Rahul thanks Maya for saving his life. Ranbir and Aryan run away. Rahul tells her that he will go away from her, he can’t live without her, his life is meaningless now. Maya tells him that she loves him. He asks her to just come with him, they should elope. He tells her that she should write a letter for her family, so that they know that she is going with Rahul. Ranbir gets restless to know what’s happening.

Prachi keeps patience. She tells them that Maya and Rahul would have left by now. They look for the letter so that they get Maya’s confession. They get happy to know that Maya has run away with Aryan. Ranbir tells that now he won’t be marrying Maya, he got saved. Shahana tells Aryan that Ranbir and Prachi should get together. Ranbir goes to break out Maya’s confession to Maya’s parents. Dida and Pallavi talk about Prachi, who is suitable for Ranbir. Ranbir informs Vikram about Maya and Rahul’s relation.

Dushyant wants to know what’s happening. He wants to end Ranbir’s drama. Ranbir tells them that Maya has run away, and now the Sangeet function can’t take place. Dushyant and Chobey can’t believe it, when Ranbir calls off the marriage. Dushyant points the gun at him. Ranbir asks him to know the reason first, Maya doesn’t want to do this marriage. Chobey asks what nonsense is he saying.

Ranbir tells that she lied to them that she loves him, he wants to marry her, but Maya made fun of his love, she has run away with someone else. He does a big drama. He tells that Maya left a note for them. Dushyant is shocked to read her letter. Prachi reads the letter aloud for everyone to know about Maya and Rahul’s love story. Maya’s family gets a huge shock.

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