Kumkum Bhagya Emotional twists Abhigya 5th August

Kumkum Bhagya Emotional twists Abhigya 5th August

Kumkum Bhagya Emotional twists Abhigya 5th August Prachi reads out Maya’s letter to her family. Ranbir fakes his sorrow. His family gets angry that Maya didn’t think of Ranbir and eloped. Pallavi and Dida overact. Shahana wants them to calm down. Maya’s mum was afraid that Maya will elope. Dushyant apologizes to them on Maya’s behalf. He tells them that he wanted to get Maya and Ranbir married, Maya is wrong this time. He tells Ranbir that he will find Maya and get her married to him.

Ranbir tells that Maya doesn’t love him, what if she marries him and then runs away, people will laugh at him. Dushyant asks Ranbir why is he crying if he doesn’t want to marry. He thinks they should cancel the marriage if both Ranbir and Maya don’t want to marry. Kohlis get relieved. Dushyant tells them that he can’t help them in this matter. Chobey and his wife also feel ashamed and apologize for Maya’s mistake.

They prepare to leave. Ranbir and Prachi get happy and celebrate their plan’s success. Everyone praises Prachi for giving such an idea and saving Ranbir. Ranbir wants to tell his family that he wants to marry Prachi. They get a huge shock when Maya returns. Things take a complete turn with her comeback. Maya’s family also comes back. Ranbir asks her where did she go, how did she come back if she had run away with her lover.

Maya tears the letter and shocks him. She tells him that she didn’t write the letter, she didn’t run away. She tells that she had gone to get a new chunri. Prachi thinks Maya is making excuses, maybe Rahul left. Dushyant tells that Ranbir and Maya are destined to marry. He tells Maya that Ranbir missed her a lot when she left. He blames Prachi for writing the letter and misleading them. Chobey warns Prachi. Dushyant threatens to kill her.

Prachi tells that Maya has herself written the letter. Dushyant asks Prachi not to test his patience. Ranbir stops him from talking to Prachi badly. Dushyant yells at him. Ranbir answers him back. He asks him to respect girls. Maya asks Dushyant to think positive, Ranbir will care for his wife if he cares for his friend so much. Dushyant asks them to celebrate the Sangeet. Prachi gets too upset. Maya thinks of failing their plan smartly. Ranbir asks Prachi not to blame herself. He tells that maybe Rahul got scared and left. Prachi tells that maybe Maya has acted smart.

They want to meet Rahul and know the back story. Prachi thanks him for taking a stand for her. He tells her that he can’t keep quiet if anyone ill treats her. He asks her to take care. Aaliya looks at them. She gets a disturbing call. She learns about Abhi’s accident. She rushes to inform Rhea about Abhi. Rhea gets worried knowing her dad is admitted in the hospital. Aaliya asks her to just come with her.

Sarita feels Pragya is a blessing like her, she is so helpful. She wishes Pragya stays fine and gets her happiness. Prachi recalls Ranbir. She feels bad that Ranbir will get married to Maya. Sarita informs her about Pragya’s accident. She asks Prachi to reach the hospital soon. Rhea apologizes to Meera for not answering her calls. Meera accompanies Aaliya on knowing that Abhi is hospitalized. Doctors treat Abhi and Pragya.

Abhi gets semi-conscious and sees Pragya next to him. The families reach to see them. Pragya gains consciousness and asks for Abhi. She sees him unconscious and worries a lot. Nurse tells her that she has saved his life unknowingly. Pragya wants Abhi to come back to her. She cries and tells him that their story is incomplete, there is so much to talk, they deserve a chance to get together. Their daughters look for them desperately. Rhea reaches the ward first and gets a shock to see Abhi.

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