Kundali Bhagya Ego challenge Preeran 5th August Preview

Kundali Bhagya Ego challenge Preeran 5th August Preview

Kundali Bhagya Ego challenge Preeran 5th August Preview Shrishti and Sherlyn have a heated argument. Sherlyn tells her that Karan had called Preeta just to insult her. Shrishti threatens to expose Sherlyn and Mahira’s truth, that they have harmed Mahesh. Shrishti scolds Sherlyn and teaches her a lesson. Sherlyn gets worried. Karan asks Preeta if she wants him to stop the marriage. Preeta tells him that she wants him to stop the drama. She tells that he is blinded by his anger and own opinion, he has no sense to judge the others, the world can’t be wrong if he thinks so.

She scolds him a lot. She tells him that she hates him, since he has no mind of his own. Karan asks her if she is angry at him, since he knows her cheap truth. He calls her disgusting. He asks her not to play any drama to run away from the marriage. He wants to share his happiness with her. Preeta is ready to witness the marriage. She cries because of him. Sherlyn stops Shrishti and asks her if she has any proof against Mahira. She tells that none will believe her.

She tells how much Luthras believe her and respect her. She is happy that she has won everyone’s faith in the family. She asks Shrishti to remember that none will believe Preeta’s tears. Shrishti asks Sherlyn to not talk about trust, since she is a big liar. Sherlyn challenges her to bring the truth out if she can. She is confident that nothing can harm her, there is no proof against their evil. She tells that Karan is determined to marry Mahira.

Sameer finds Preeta alone and informs Shrishti that Preeta is fine. Sherlyn thinks Preeta will be crying and begging to Karan. Karan recalls Preeta’s words. He feels hurt and realizes his feelings. He doesn’t understand what is happening to him. Rishabh hugs Karan and consoles him. He asks Karan not to hide his tears from him. He finds Karan emotionally shattered. He knows the reason for his sorrow. He asks Karan to stop pretending and not hurt Preeta further. He explains that fake happiness can never make him happy, he shouldn’t hide his true emotions.

He knows that Karan has been pretending since the moment Preeta came in his wedding. He asks Karan if he is marrying Mahira to hurt Preeta. Karan doesn’t think he is wrong. Rishabh asks her not to ruin his life in anger. Karan tells that he will win by making Preeta lose. Rishabh doesn’t think its right. Kareena asks Karan to come to the mandap. Shrishti overhears Rishabh and Karan’s conversation. She tells Sameer that Karan is doing everything to hurt Preeta in anger. She wants to tell Preeta about Karan’s motive.

Preeta tells Mahesh that she isn’t responsible for his state, they know the culprit, but they couldn’t tell anyone. She sheds tears and feels helpless. She tells him that she can’t tell Mahira’s truth, else she will be mistaken again. She promises to stand by Luthras if anything wrong happens. She feels that Sherlyn and Mahira do wrong so that she gets hurt. She decides to go away from them if it ensures their happiness and peace. She tells him that she will not interfere in Luthra family.

Sherlyn taunts Preeta and shows her place. Shrishti tells Sameer that Karan doesn’t love Mahira, he isn’t happy, he is just making a mistake in anger. She thinks just Preeta can help Karan and stop him from the marriage. Sameer tells her that Karan will never listen to Preeta and blame her. He feels Preeta can’t handle the situation. Sherlyn laughs at Preeta for being such a loser. She knows Preeta loves Luthra family and still receives hatred from them. Preeta doesn’t want to argue with her.

Sherlyn asks her to rush and attend the wedding. Sameer asks Shrishti to just handle Preeta smartly. Shrishti realizes that Karan still loves Preeta, but he has to get rid of his ego and negative feelings. She tells that Karan and Preeta are having a fight of their ego, they both want to get rid of Mahira, they are waiting for each other to take the initiative. Shrishti thinks Preeta won’t stop the marriage herself. She thinks of an idea to bring Preeta and Karan together.

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