Kundali Bhagya Police intervenes Karan Mahira marriage

Kundali Bhagya Police intervenes Karan Mahira marriage

Kundali Bhagya Police intervenes Karan Mahira marriage 10th August 2020 There is a big twist coming up in the show. Preeta will be seen taking a huge step to protect Karan and Rishabh’s father Mahesh Luthra. She has learnt the truth behind Mahesh’s recent accident. Preeta has overheard Sherlyn and Mahira’s evil truth that they have attempted to kill Mahesh twice and failed.

Preeta learns that they are planning to kill Mahesh post the marriage rituals completion. Preeta doesn’t want Sherlyn to harm Mahesh again. He is already in a feeble state. Sherlyn knows that any drugs can kill him the same day. She doesn’t want to administer the drugs to him and instead find another way to kill him. Mahira wants Sherlyn to keep cool until the marriage gets done. She doesn’t wish for any hindrance. Sherlyn and Mahira go back to the dais. They conceal their evil plan.

Preeta gets troubled with the thought of losing Mahesh, who always believed her and been a fatherly figure. She fails to tell Karan about Mahira’s plan. Preeta calls the cops to hinder the marriage so that she gets time to save Mahesh by taking Shrishti’s help. Preeta and Shrishti will be seen teaming up with Rishabh and Sameer to save Mahesh’s life. Will Karan believe Preeta and save Mahesh? The cops enter the house and ask Karan to stop the marriage right away. What are the cops searching for? This twist was unpredictable. Comment your take below on your favorite show Kundali Bhagya and the highly dragged marriage track of Karan and Mahira.


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