Ishq SubhanAllah Update Zara Salma 11th August 2020

Ishq SubhanAllah Update Zara Salma 11th August 2020

Ishq SubhanAllah Update Zara Salma union 11th August 2020 Zara visits her house with Kabir and gets emotional. Kabir gives hope to her father Irfan that Zara will accept that she is his daughter very soon. Irfan wants to hug Zara once. Zara stays alienated for her purpose to move on in her new life. She wants to go away. Kabir asks her if she has lost courage and can’t face her mum.

Irfan tells Zara that its Salma’s blessing that she is alive, she was waiting for her come back. He tells that Salma has always chosen her over anything else. He asks Zara if she will leave her mum ailing and go away. He stops her from leaving. She tells that she isn’t Zara, but Nargis. She tells him that she understands her pain, she gives hope to people, she will help Salma by the musical healing.

She promises that Salma will herself break the barriers and come to them. Kabir doesn’t think it may work. He stops Zara from doing it. Irfan asks Kabir to agree for Salma’s sake. Kabir agrees and lets Zara try to heal Salma’s mental scar. Zara plays the music and tries to connect to Salma. Ruksar waits Sartaj’s call so that she gets the good news of Zara’s death. She asks Sartaj about Nargis. He informs her that Kabir took Nargis to her house. Ruksar tells that they can easily target Nargis at Zara’s house.

She wants to make her fate better. She boasts of her evil skills. Zara feels shattered to end the hopes given to her parents. She sheds tears of sorrow. She falls weak in front of them. She feels helpless to stay away from them for the sake of their betterment. She wants to be strong enough to meet Salma and control her emotions. Kabir and Irfan stay by Salma’s side. Kabir messages Irfan to mentally prepare Salma, so that she doesn’t get a shock to know that she is Nargis. Irfan tries to tell Salma.

Kabir asks her to just not be shocked if Zara tells that she is Nargis or anyone else. He asks Salma what would she do in this situation. Salma cries that she will identify her daughter. She tells that she can sense Zara, it doesn’t matter whatever name she gives. Zara prays that her meeting with Salma brings good hopes and happiness. Zara plays the music. Salma thinks of little Zara.

Salma runs out of her room to reach Zara. She finds Zara back. She gets pleased to see her. They have an emotional moment. Salma gets overjoyed and hugs Zara. Irfan gets happy to see them together. He believes that she is Zara. Kabir also gets certain on seeing them. He asks Zara if she will still deny. Zara takes care of Salma. Zara hugs Salma and sheds tears. Kabir and Irfan also cry seeing their emotional moment.

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