Kundali Prithvi Sherlyn threatened 11th August 2020

Kundali Prithvi Sherlyn threatened 11th August 2020

Kundali Prithvi Sherlyn threatened 11th August 2020 The police asks Karan and Mahira to stop the marriage. The family starts assuming things and blames Preeta for creating another obstacle in the marriage. Inspector tells them that its not Preeta’s matter. Luthras don’t listen to them. Karan tells the inspector that he will come along, once the marriage happens. Inspector tells that he didn’t come to stop the marriage or arrest him. Preeta tells that everyone has the same problem, to assume things and give the verdict.

She tells that she didn’t call the police. Karan suspects her. She recalls getting away to hide her tears from Karan. She didn’t wish Karan to know that his wedding is affecting her. She asks Karan not to doubt her. She didn’t call the police to create any hurdle. Inspector cleans her name. He asks them to just listen to him. He tells that he got a lead that something wrong is going to occur in Luthra house. He asks them to let him explain. Rishabh asks him why did he come.

Inspector tells that he is following the kidnapper’s boss, who had kidnapped Rishabh and Karan. He tells that he has seen the criminal entering their house. Sherlyn is with Prithvi. She doesn’t know about the police arrival. Prithvi tells that Sherlyn has won over Preeta, but she can’t take her lightly. Sherlyn tells that Preeta is brainless, she is not smart. She thinks even Prithvi is senseless. He tells her that he got his lucky mask, he has done a lot of crimes by wearing the mask, he has worn the mask and entered Luthra house.

She asks him to not get passionate about Preeta. He asks her to not be overconfident. He tells that Preeta will stop the marriage at any cost. She tells that the marriage would have happened by now. He asks her to prove it. She asks him to come along and see the marriage completion. She tells that he has to hide from everyone. Inspector tells that the kidnapper has used the same mask this time and entered the house. Mahira realizes that Sherlyn’s friend is in danger. Rishabh tells that maybe the criminal left. Karan tells that he would have come to kidnap Rishabh.

Bani tells that she will kill the kidnapper if he harms Rishabh. Inspector tells the kidnapper is hiding in the house, he will kidnap Karan and Rishabh when he gets a chance. He tells that he has to arrest the kidnapper. Kareena insults Preeta in anger. Shrishti tells Sameer that they will kidnap Karan. She tells that they have to stop Karan and Mahira’s marriage. She gets angry at him. He tells that he will help her, he can get the sleeping pills to Karan and stop the marriage. She gets glad. They have a cute moment. Mahira rushes to find Sherlyn and alert her about the police. She calls up Sherlyn. She doesn’t want her marriage to stop due to Sherlyn’s friend.

Rishabh asks Inspector to check all the rooms. Karan finds Preeta and suspects her. He goes after her. Shrishti and Sameer spike a drink and take it for Karan. Karan calls out Preeta. Sherlyn and Prithvi hide. She tells that Karan has married Mahira. Preeta tells that the wedding isn’t happening, she wants to attend it and just leave.

Sherlyn and Prithvi get shocked to know about the inspector. Sherlyn worries that Karan’s marriage didn’t happen. Prithvi tells that Preeta has stopped the marriage, she is really smart. He asks her to come out of her dream world.

He realizes that police has come to find him. Sherlyn tells that police is really finding him. Rishabh asks how did the kidnapper enter their house. Shrishti and Sameer learn about the police. Shrishti asks Karan to have the drink. Karan thanks her, but doesn’t drink the juice. He wants to find the kidnapper. He tells them that police has come to catch the kidnapper. He thinks of protecting Rishabh. He returns the drink to them and rushes to check Rishabh’s room.

Sherlyn asks Prithvi if he isn’t overconfident. Prithvi thinks of running away. He asks her to help him escape. Sherlyn tells that she can’t help him. He asks her to save him. Karan barges into the room to check. He comes across Sherlyn, who tries to hide Prithvi. Will Sherlyn succeed to save Prithvi? Keep reading, like, share and comment on the post.

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