Kumkum Bhagya Update 17th August Abhi Prachi

Kumkum Bhagya Update 17th August Abhi Prachi

Kumkum Bhagya Update 17th August Abhi Prachi Abhi cheers up Prachi and tells her that he can not see her becoming weak. He asks her to be strong. He asks her to recall their attachment, she is like his daughter, he can’t see her broken. He asks her why is she worried. She tells that she is worried that the media will insult her and her mum. Abhi tells her that media will not publish anything, Vikram will handle the media, he won’t let her get defamed.

Vikram asks the media not to publish anything about the theft. Dida thinks why did Prachi do this. The reporter asks Vikram to check his house assets, maybe Prachi has stolen anything else. Ranbir bashes up the reporter in anger. Vikram stops Ranbir and asks him to ignore the reporter. Ranbir scolds the family for changing their point of view for a little matter. He feels that their trust is really weak.


Ranbir tells that the money is missing, they can’t judge Prachi, she always stood by him, she helped him a lot, she has suffered. Rhea tells him that they didn’t get Prachi arrested. Pallavi supports Rhea. She feels Prachi is responsible for the theft. Aryan comes home and learns the matter. He knows Ranbir’s trust can’t be wrong. Abhi asks Prachi not to worry much, just think for her family, not the world.

He tells that crying doesn’t help, she has to face the problems, life is the best teacher. She tells that her mum talks the same way and pacifies her. He tells that life might be teaching them the same thing. He explains Prachi. Rhea gets jealous and asks Abhi why didn’t he explain her with love before. Abhi tells that she never listens to him calmly. He asks Prachi to take a day off and go home. He thinks to drop her home. Rhea tells that she will come along and meet Pragya.

Ranbir is hurt that Prachi is suspected by everyone. Aryan tells that the family is calling Prachi a thief, since she is wrong. He thinks Ranbir is defending Prachi due to his love. Ranbir gets angry on him. Aryan then tells him to prove Prachi’s innocence so that none calls her a thief. Ranbir apologizes to him and understands his plan. Aryan tells that he has intentionally said all the bad things to explain him. He knows Prachi is innocent. Ranbir thanks him for understanding him.

Aaliya asks Abhi not to trust Prachi. Abhi asks her not to drag the matter, Prachi isn’t wrong, if she is saying that the money isn’t stolen, then it isn’t stolen. Aaliya asks him why isn’t he trusting his sister. He tells that Prachi is his daughter, she is like his daughter and he knows she can’t rob the money. He asks her not to judge or blame Prachi. He listens to his heart. He doesn’t believe anyone against Prachi. He tells that he will transfer the money to Vikram. Pallavi tells that they are one family and money isn’t necessary. Abhi tells that money would not come in between if she regarded Prachi as family. Ranbir goes along with Abhi to drop Prachi.

Aaliya tells Pallavi that Prachi has affected their relations. Dida asks her to end the matter. Abhi arrives home to meet Sarita. Sarita can’t believe that he has come to her house after such a long time. Prachi thanks Abhi for trusting her. Abhi asks Prachi to learn staying happy, like Rhea never gets upset. He jokes that Rhea upsets the world. Ranbir agrees. He tells that he will make a phone call and come. Rhea asks Prachi for her mum. Abhi thinks Ranbir is making excuse to be with Rhea.

Rhea also goes to attend a call. Abhi asks Prachi not to stay upset. Prachi feels that Rhea is lucky to get a father like him. He tells that every father is such. She tells that she doesn’t have a father, she misses them a lot. Rhea informs Aaliya that everything is going wrong, she had to go with Prachi, since Ranbir accompanied her. She wanted to kick out Prachi from her house, but failed when Abhi supported her. Aaliya tells that their plan didn’t fail, since Pallavi lost faith on Prachi. She tells that she will prove Prachi a thief.

Aaliya tells Rhea that she is getting the CCTV footage and will edit the portion when Sanju is seen in the footage. She wants to prove that no one entered Prachi’s house that night and there was no robbery. Rhea gets upset that Abhi joked on her. She wants to hurt Prachi. Abhi tells Prachi that her father is unlucky, since he isn’t with her. He feels her father would have been proud of her good values. He tells that he also feels proud of her, he wishes that he had another daughter like her. Prachi feels emotional. Rhea rages on hearing him praise Prachi. Prachi thanks him. He asks Prachi to end the sorrowful chapter with a smile.

Reviewed Rating for this particular episode Kumkum Bhagya Update 17th August Abhi Prachi: 2/5
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  1. How many times will they repeat this plot of Prachi accused for stealing. Can the writers be more creative to move the story on? This repetitive plot causes one to lose interest. Same with Abi and Pragya’s hit and misses bring them to gather. You could have a good story with just them trying to bring their family back together.


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