Yeh Rishta Dramatic festive twists 15th August 2020

Yeh Rishta Dramatic festive twists 15th August 2020

Yeh Rishta Dramatic festive twists 15th August 2020 Naira denies to plan her pregnancy. She doesn’t want a sister for Kairav. She feels sorry for herself. She thinks Kartik is much upset with her, her fate is testing her again. She breaks down and asks the God to stop testing her. She sheds tears. Manish hears her crying and stops to see her. He asks her not to cry, its not good. He befriends her and makes her smile. Kartik wants to get the best doctors team to treat Manish.

He is still annoyed and doesn’t talk to Naira. Naira feels bad. Dadi tells the family that Kirti has reached Udaipur, but has to undergo the tests, she will need some time to come home. She wishes Kirti to come home on Rakshabandhan. Goenkas feel sad that this festive won’t be celebrated like before. They want Manish to get fine. Suwarna tells that Rukmani has sent Rakhis for Manish and Akhilesh. Naira learns about the girl who met with an accident.

She finds out from the inspector. She tells that she will meet the girl and help her if she got hurt. Dadi asks Naira to visit her family to celebrate Rakshabandhan with Naksh. Naira tells her that Naksh is coming over to be with them. She asks Gayu to handle the preparations, she will quickly go and come. She looks for her wallet. She realizes that she lost her wallet when she met the accident. She feels like losing Kartik, they are close, and yet so far. She can’t imagine her life without Kartik. She cries that he isn’t talking to her.

She wants things to get fine between them. She loses confidence to drive the car. She takes a cab and goes to the hospital to meet the girl. She finds the girl lying and doing a drama to trick people. Naira thinks of the similarity between the girl and her. The girl asks her to help her with money. Naira asks her why did she come in front of the car. She asks her not to try such stunts to get money. The girl tells that she works hard, and doesn’t cheat anyone. She adds that she came to return the wallet which fell on the road.

She hides the wallet when Naira asks her to return it. She tells that she has lost it. Naira pays the money to her and asks her to take care of herself. She tells that the police won’t spare her if she doesn’t mend her ways. She returns home with an upset mood. She tries to be happy for the sake of Naksh, who has come to celebrate the festive. Kartik finds Naira decking up. He doesn’t speak to her. She stays saddened. Everyone misses Kirti. Naksh asks Naira why is she disturbed. Naira lies that she is absolutely fine.

She celebrates the festive with her. Kartik gets Manish for the celebrations. Naira asks Naksh not to meet Manish, who is scared of strangers. Naksh feels bad seeing Manish’s conditions. Kartik realizes that Naira and Manish are becoming friends. Naira and Gayu tie the Rakhi to Naksh. Kartik misses Kirti a lot. Naira and Dadi wish that Kartik also gets happiness on the day of festival. Kirti arrives home and spreads joy. Her happiness doesn’t last long when she learns that Manish is suffering mentally.

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