Anupama Quick Update Vanraj’s master plan 17th August

Anupama Quick Update Vanraj's master plan 17th August

Anupama Quick Update Vanraj’s master plan 17th August Anupama brings Paritosh and Kinja together. She tells them that she is a mother, but also their friend, she knows that once a couple gets married, they have no time left for themselves. She wants them to spend quality time together. She surprises Paritosh by her understanding. Paritosh compliments Kinjal. Anupama informs Vanraj that she invited Kavya for the celebrations.

He has a plan on his mind to make Kavya jealous. He is much hurt seeing her with Anirudh. He wants her to realize his feelings. The family gets into celebration mood. Vanraj gets praising Anupama’s values. He sees Kavya at the door and makes her jealous intentionally. He hurts her feelings. Kavya gets welcomed. She feels like a stranger in his family. Vanraj is still insecure of Kavya and Anirudh’s relation.

He avoids Kavya for some time so that she comes to him. He performs the puja with Anupama. Kavya can’t tolerate to see them together like a happily married couple. Vanraj plays a drama to be a dutiful husband. Anupama and Samar meet Nandini. Samar likes Nandini, but she doesn’t pay any attention to him. Kinjal tells Paritosh that she lied to Rakhi to visit him, since Rakhi didn’t want her to meet his family. She doesn’t want Rakhi to know that she is at his home. Kavya gets shocked to see Vanraj praising Anupama so much.

The family requests Anupama for a dance. Vanraj too requests her. Anupama agrees when he also asks her to dance. Baa praises Vanraj and Anupama’s pairing and blesses them. She asks Vanraj to dance with Anupama. The family gets glad to see them dancing. Kavya grows jealous. She thinks of her relation’s future with Vanraj. He wants her to think of his insecurities and get distant from Anirudh. Kavya doesn’t think she has any place in his life. Vanraj plans to break her relation with Anirudh forever. He wants Kavya to commit to their relation. Anupama gets fooled and thinks he is really praising her and respects her. Later, Rakhi makes a stormy entry to call off Paritosh and Kinjal’s alliance, shocking Shah family.

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