Yeh Rishta Unexpected shockers for Naira 17th August

Yeh Rishta Unexpected shockers for Naira 17th August

Yeh Rishta Unexpected shockers for Naira 17th August Kirti’s unexpected entry comes as a big surprise for Goenkas. She celebrates the festive with her brother Kartik. She meets her family after a very long time and can’t stop celebrating her happiness. She dances with the family members. When she hugs Manish, he pushes her away. She gets a huge shock on seeing him behave weird. She wants to know the problem. She questions the family about him. Manish gets terrified by strangers. Kartik and Naira try to handle him.

Kirti learns about Manish’s accident. She can’t believe the shattering sight. Naira ties the Rakhi to Manish, when he permits her. He tells that Kirti isn’t his friend. Naira and family get emotional. Kartik loses his cool and finds Naira bonding with Manish. He thinks its her drama to keep her image good. He lashes out at her. He blames her for Manish’s condition. Naira wants to know why does she always get blamed. He asks her not to show fake concern for Manish, she always goes against others and does her wishful. He tells that his dad is suffering because of her.

He accuses her badly. She feels insulted in front of the family. She clears out that she didn’t intentionally put Manish at risk. Kartik asks her why didn’t she take his advice and go against him. He tells that she should be guilty for doing so wrong. She tells that she is feeling bad for Manish. He doesn’t think she cares for anyone. She doesn’t trust her. She begs him to believe her. He asks her to make Manish change into his old self.

He is ready to forget her mistake and forgive her for Manish’s state if she helps him recover. He warns her to stay away from Manish if she can’t help. Naira sheds tears. Kartik asks her to stop the sobbing drama. Naksh takes a stand for Naira. He tells Kartik that Naira didn’t hurt Manish intentionally, accidents aren’t in anyone’s control. Kartik tells him that Naira went against his warning and put Manish at risk, she always does what she wants, she doesn’t pay attention to right advice. He accuses Naira again and again. Naksh puts a stop to him by reminding about Akshara’s accident. He tells that they lost Akshara due to Mansi’s carelessness.

He asks Kartik to recall that Naira had forgiven Mansi and showed a big heart. He reminds that Naira forgot her sorrow for Kartik’s sake. He asks Kartik how could he forget it. He reminds about Mansi’s mistake, how Goenkas supported her and hid her crime. He tells that Akshara died in the accident, while Manish survived the accident. He asks Kartik to return Akshara to them if he wants Manish back as before. Naksh argues with Kartik to defend Naira. Both the families get into a bitter argument when the blame game begins.

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