Rishtey Pyar News Surrogacy twist 20th August 2020

Rishtey Pyar News Surrogacy twist 20th August 2020

Rishtey Pyar News Surrogacy twist in Abir and Mishti’s lives coming next in the show. Upcoming on 20th August 2020. Abir and Mishti get dressed up as the Krishna and Radha and surprise the family with their stunning performance. Their Rasleela gets liked by everyone. Abir and Mishti have a romantic moment. Meenakshi makes them perform the Janmashtami puja with a hope that they soon gets blessed with a baby. Abir too wants a baby to complete the family. He tells Mishti that very soon Kanha will be in their lives. He wants her to agree for the baby’s plan.

Mishti doesn’t want to discard his wish. Even she wants to achieve the happiness of motherhood. Mishti experiences pain and recollects the injury when she dealt with Varun. Abir and Mishti visit the doctor to get an advice for planning their first baby. Mishti soon learns about her weak uterus. She realizes that she can’t carry Abir’s child in her womb, there are high chances of miscarriage. She shatters with the truth. She seeks Kuhu’s help in getting her child into the world. She asks Kuhu if she will become Devki and get her Kanha to complete their lives.

Kuhu is much shocked when Mishti proposes surrogacy. She asks Mishti if she wants her to give birth to the child and still become the baby’s aunt. She calls Mishti selfish to put pain on her side and reap the joy of motherhood by taking away the baby. She disagrees to Mishti’s request. Mishti struggles to convince Kuhu. Abir and Mishti’s baby will be causing a new rift in Rajvansh family. How will Abir react knowing Mishti’s surrogacy plan? Keep reading for more news and spoilers on this show.

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  1. Rubbish again… the writers can’t satisfy the viewers with happy track more than 2-3 episodes.. they need to create drama rift fight all possible negative things to keep ppl hooked up to tv.. our world is so much interested in seeing only pain & suffering…
    y Mishti & Abir at receiving end of all the negative tracks.. n final result is they r always right & winners…
    who asks a sister cum co-sis for surrogacy..? Insane..


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