Ishq Mein Marjawa Voot Update Vansh’s past 20th August

Ishq Mein Marjawa Voot Update Vansh's past 20th August

Ishq Mein Marjawa Voot Update Vansh’s past 20th August 2020 Riddhima tries to trick Vansh and goes to meet Kabir. She gets happy to find a rose kept there and realizes that Kabir has come by understanding her coded message. Kabir meets Riddhima, while Vansh keeps an eye on her. She acts to perform the puja. Kabir and Riddhima get into an emotional moment. Kabir finds her dressed as Vansh’s wife.

He doesn’t like it and knows that he has put her in that hell. He feels sorry for her. Vansh wants to know if she is meeting someone behind the tree by the excuse of puja. He suspects her and gets smart to find out the person hidden. Riddhima informs Kabir that Anupriya has confirmed the truth that Vansh had murdered his ex-fiancee Ragini. She tells him that Vansh is a murderer and they should prove it.

Kabir asks her if she has Vansh’s confession or any evidence. She tells him that she doesn’t carry any evidence yet, but will find out soon. Kabir tells her that they can’t get Vansh punished until they have solid evidence to issue his arrest warrant. She tells that its difficult to stay with Vansh, she is scared that she may get caught anytime. He asks her to boost her courage and confidence, like she had given him a new hope when he failed in getting Shera.


Kabir tells her that they have to get proof like some memory in the form of pictures or video that reveals about Ragini. He asks her to find out Ragini’s records from Vansh’s secret room. He guides Riddhima. She decides to find the proof. Vansh comes to Riddhima to check the secret person. He doesn’t see Kabir, who hides in the nick of time.

Riddhima was worried that Vansh will catch Kabir, but Kabir outsmarts him once again. Riddhima and Kabir’s relationship stays hidden from Vansh. Vansh thinks she is a beautiful puzzle and wants to solve to find the truth. He is sure that she had sent the coded message to someone and met the person before he could see them together. Vansh confronts Riddhima about her fast keeping drama. Riddhima gets offended. She answers him rudely to prove that she had kept the fast with devotion.

Dadi scolds Vansh for disrespecting Riddhima’s feelings and hurting her. She blindly trusts Riddhima. She sends Vansh to take care of Riddhima. Vansh gets into an argument with Riddhima, who lectures him about his suspicion and odd behavior. Vansh tells her that though he doesn’t respect any rituals, he respects his Dadi. He breaks Riddhima’s fast to keep his word to Dadi.

Riddhima gets upset that she had to break her fast by Vansh’s hand. She misses Kabir a lot. She knows that her fate is linked to Kabir, whom she loves dearly. She doesn’t want to think of the devil in her life, Vansh. She questions Vansh’s faith and feelings. Vansh wants to know how sincere she is that she is demanding sincerity in their relation from his side. She demands an answer about his past. She asks him to tell about Ragini, if he trusted Ragini or not. He doesn’t answer her.

He thinks why Riddhima is trying hard to dig up his past. He wants to know her real motives. He stops Angre from hurting Riddhima or finding her truth in their usual way of torture. He respects their marriage and tolerates her weirdness. He tells Angre that he will kill Riddhima to punish her for the deceive if he learns her truth. Vansh finds Ragini’s memories and asks Angre to destroy it before Riddhima gets to see it. Angre takes the book holding Ragini’s truth. Riddhima spies on Vansh and Angre to get the book. Will she be able to find the truth of Vansh’s bitter past? Keep reading.

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