Ishq SubhanAllah Zara to marry Kabir Upcoming 21st Aug

Ishq SubhanAllah Zara's question leaves Kabir shocked

Ishq SubhanAllah Zara to marry Kabir Upcoming 21st Aug Kabir tells Zara that there can’t be anyone in his life except her. He tries to convince her to stay back. Kabir tells that he just loves Zara. Irfan and Salma know Kabir’s true love for Zara. Zara wants to go away with her mentor, who groomed her and made her progress in life. Zara tells that she didn’t come to stay with her parents, she is going back since Salma has recovered. Kabir doesn’t want her to go. He wants her to speak to him in private.

He wants to remind her their love. Zara doesn’t want to fall weak. Kabir insists to take Zara with him, even when she opposes. She wants to leave her hand, which is against their religion. Kabir tells her that she is his wife, he is permitted to hold her hand. He doesn’t want her to drag the drama. He asks her to just speak out her feelings, why she turned so cold towards the family. He tells her that he can’t let her fall down, since even she can’t see him getting hurt.

He gets into a romantic moment with her. He lifts her in arms to take her to the room for a talk. Kabir’s memories get on her mind. Kabir asks her to not cheat him. Salma blames Ustani for ruining Zara’s life. Ustani asks her to calm down and not spoil her health. Salma asks Ustani how can she snatch Zara. She wants to know why isn’t Zara wishing to stay with them. She curses Ustani. She pays her money and asks her to leave Zara.

Kabir tells Zara that he loves her and will not let her go away. He exclaims that his love is pure, he will never lose her, she is his heart and soul. He tells that when she got attacked by Shahbaz, he couldn’t live his life. He can’t imagine his life without her. He tells her that he was praying to get death. He worked for a bomb squad to get death soon. He cries out to explain his immense sorrow.

He tells that he didn’t die since he had to live to see the day of her return. He thanks her for teaching him true love. Zara cries on knowing his sorrowful phase of life. She wipes her tears before Kabir could see. He tells that they were destined to meet, that’s why he is alive. Now when he got her back, he doesn’t want to lose her. She asks him if she should leave with Ustani. He doesn’t want her to leave.

He takes the extreme step by giving her a knife to stab him. He asks Zara to kill him and leave if she can. He surrenders his life to her. She gets a huge shock by seeing his madness. He asks her to kill him. She asks him not to act like a mad lover. She reminds him the knowledge he holds, that doesn’t permit him to invite death. She throws away the knife. He tells her that he knew that she can’t kill him. She tells that she can never kill anyone, she gives life to depressed people and fills back hope.

He asks her to give a life to him, she came back because of his love and faith. She feels sorry that she has to leave. She asks him by what right is he stopping her, she isn’t his wife now. She wants him to learn to live without her. She asks him to remember his duties towards his religion and society. She expects him not to force stop her. She packs her bags to leave. Kabir gets helpless and sheds tears of gloominess. Zara is equally sad. Ustani tells Salma that she will never meet them.

Salma tells that Kabir and Zara love each other a lot, Kabir will convince Zara for sure. Zara tells that she won’t stop on anyone’s request. Kabir fails to convince Zara. Salma cries for her. Irfan asks Zara if she wants to leave her aged parents. He reminds her that she used to dislike Kabir at the time of marriage, but later love has made a place in her heart, Kabir and she fell in love and unbreakable bond. Zara reminisces the marriage moments. She admits that time was the most beautiful one in her life, she has spent her life’s joyful phase with Kabir. Irfan asks Zara to marry Kabir. In the upcoming track, Zara finally agrees to marry Kabir. They romance will be seen. Keep reading.

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