Yeh Rishta Chori ingenious help 22nd August Update

Yeh Rishta Chori ingenious help 22nd August Update

Yeh Rishta Chori ingenious help 22nd August Update Kartik struggles to pacify Manish. He thinks which book will please Manish and calm his anger. Naira suggests him to show the photo album to Manish, so that the latter gets engaged for some time. Kartik likes her idea and tries it. Manish gets pacified on seeing the family photos. Kartik begins to tell stories about the family. He speaks on his bitter relation with Manish before. He tells that things changed and now he wants to become a doting son.

Manish wants to know more of their story. Kartik tells Manish about themselves. The family gets emotional watching them. Naira dreams of Kartik thanking her for the great idea. He forgives her and ends his annoyance. He confesses his love. Her dream breaks. She feels that she knows he loves her, he is angry due to Manish’s condition, its his love which has become anger now. She doesn’t feel bad that fate is testing their love. She wants to keep patience.

She wishes that Kartik soon finds a miracle in his life. Dadi and Chori get into an argument and seek help from Naira. Dadi tells them about the Janmashtami puja. She learns that Krishna’s swing isn’t prepared by the craftsman. She is worried that the ritual will not be done. Chori offers them help, but demands double money for her work. Kartik asks Chori to make the swing. He feels that Chori will stay engaged in the work and not trouble Manish. He asks Dadi to give a chance to Chori. Chori finds him good-hearted.

Naira finds Chori just like her, who has learnt a lot from her life. She tells Gayu that she is going to market. She asks Gayu to take care of Chori in her absence. Kartik also gets busy in his work. Akhilesh seeks his advice in the business. Surekha tells him that he should trust his decisions taken in the welfare of the company and not depend on Kartik for everything. She tells that Kartik needs to focus on Manish first. Akhilesh understands that he has to independently take the decisions by trusting himself.

Kartik informs Suwarna that he needs to go for his work and leaves Manish in her care. He doesn’t want Chori to reach Manish. On the other side, Bhabhimaa tells that she wants to go to Goenka mansion and meet Gayu and Naira. Kirti tells that she is also going there. Bhabhimaa asks her to come along. Kirti lies to them. She makes excuses. She tells that she will go early and be with Manish. Naksh gets suspicious of her odd behavior. He asks her what is she hiding. She doesn’t tell anything. He thinks she is worried for Manish.

She doesn’t let him know the truth. Kartik finds Naira waiting for public transport. He tells that its not safe to travel in auto or taxi. He offers to drop her to the market. They get into a moment and miss their old times. Chori decorates the swing. Manish and Dadi join her in the decoration work. Chori tells that she didn’t bother Manish, he has come on her own. She argues with Dadi in a way that Dadi gets silent.

Yeh Rishta Chori ingenious help 22nd August Update

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