Rishte Pyaar Abir shocking hurtful move 24th August

Rishte Pyaar Abir shocking hurtful move 24th August

Rishte Pyaar Abir shocking hurtful move 24th August Mishti and Kuhu’s fights get never ending. Meenakshi hopes that they find a way to end their fights and bring her sons back. Mishti misses Abir and speaks to him. She requests him to return home. Abir clears out that he will not come home until she sorts the issues with Kuhu. He tells her that he wants a permanent end to the issues, so that he can be sure that the issues won’t crop again.

Mishti tells him that he can’t force her to change her heart overnight, Kuhu will always blame her for the wrong and the fights will go on. She asks him to realize that mostly Kuhu is at fight. He expects her to show a big heart, being the sensible one. She is left with no option to bring him home than to fake patch up with Kuhu. She goes to request Kuhu for the sake of their husbands, who need to be home before Meenakshi loses her cool.

Kuhu accepts her request. The sisters try to fake love for each other. They succeed to trick Meenakshi and Parul at home. Meenakshi finds hard to believe them. She questions them about the change. Mishti and Kuhu promise to never fight again. They tell Meenakshi that they are going home to bring Abir and Kunal back. Meenakshi wishes that they stick to their word. Mishti and Kuhu’s arrival is much awaited by Vishwamber.

He just wants them to come home and end the fight. He lays his faith on his daughters. Kuhu helps Mishti and acts very friendly. Meenakshi tests them before sending them to Maheshwari house. She asks them to be sure that Abir and Kunal return. Mishti and Kuhu go home to meet the family. Kunal calls Meenakshi to tell her that he is also missing her, it was Abir’s idea to leave the house. Abir tells her that he wants to end the bitterness between Mishti and Kuhu.

She feels that she should get strict like before, she can control her Bahus well, her fear is enough. Abir tells her that she should let them handle their wives, they want to end their issues forever. He asks Kunal to just support him, its better to keep Meenakshi away from this matter. Vishwamber worries when Mishti doesn’t come. Mishti and Kuhu make a good entry in the house, holding the doll house and reciting their childhood poem. They promise that they will never fight now and value relations.

The Maheshwaris get happy with their promise. Abir doubts that they are still repeating their childhood drama and fooling the family. He thinks to test Mishti and Kuhu’s patch up. He tells her that he got to know about the doll house incident. Kuhu gets enraged and assumes that Mishti has told him about the childhood incident. Mishti tells Kunal that he shouldn’t listen to Abir always. Kunal tells that he is habitual to obey Abir since childhood, none can come between their bonding.

Mishti speaks to Rajshri and takes her opinion on planning a child. Rajshri asks her not to think that she is from a broken family, she has much emotions in her heart for everyone, she will become a great mother. Kuhu creates a big scene and rebukes Mishti for telling Abir about their childhood incident. Mishti denies to reveal anything. They get into an argument again. Vishwamber is much disturbed to watch their fight. He feels ashamed of them. He regrets that they aren’t keeping his pride.

Abir gets their truth out. He tells that they can’t cheat the family by the fake patch up. Vishwamber asks Mishti and Kuhu to leave from his house, since there is no place for their hatred and bitterness. Abir asks Mishti why did she play the drama. Mishti exclaims that Kuhu can’t become her friend overnight. Abir asks her to try harder, its not a tough thing to win Kuhu’s heart. He blames her for troubling two families. He tells that even their children will fight if the issues remain the same.

He tells that she doesn’t understand relations, maybe she isn’t ready to become a mother and raise a child. Mishti gets too hurt by his words. He changes his plan to have a child. Mishti is shocked on hearing her. Mishti and Kuhu get ousted from Maheshwari house and Rajvansh house as well. What will they do now? Keep reading.

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