StarPlus New show Shaadi Mubarak Spoilers Upcoming

Shaadi Mubarak Update 11th September Preeti's denial

StarPlus New show Shaadi Mubarak Spoilers Upcoming Yeh Rishtey Hai Pyaar Ke: Mishti and Kuhu get badly caught while pretending to be besties. They still have their issues and get reprimanded by the family. They aren’t accepted by their family, who is equally angered as Meenakshi. Maheshwaris want both the girls to become each other’s strength and stay happy. They don’t want to get Mishti against Kuhu, since they can never choose either of them. Everyone expects them to realize their mistake and not repeat it in future.

Mishti and Kuhu find hard to break the barriers between them, that’s set since the very first fight. They can feel what they are losing out due to their fights, but doesn’t seem to mutually understand. They return to Meenakshi with upset faces to explain that they failed to bring Abir and Kunal home. Meenakshi already learns from her sons that they aren’t coming back.

She fumes at her Bahus and stays ready with their stuff to send away out from the door itself. She throws their bags and kicks them out, until they end their differences. Mishti and Kuhu are left with no option than to solve their issues permanently and for real.

Shaadi Mubarak:Preeti is a doting mother who prepares for her son’s wedding. She has stayed mute for almost 20 years for the sake of her son Tarun. She prayed for her son who lost his voice in childhood. She sacrificed her own voice by making prayers for his voice to return. Preeti learns about a crisis in the wedding when Tarun reprimands her for keeping the grand marriage and insulting him.

He tells her about his would be wife Rati’s bridal dress being damaged. He doesn’t want the marriage to get delayed. He sounds very selfish. On the other hand, Preeti’s daughter Juhi supports her in every moment of life. Juhi praises Preeti to be a super mom. Preeti manages to prepare a bridal dress for Rati in time and leaves everyone impressed by her wedding planning skills. Preeti wins much praise by the guests.

Tarun doesn’t acknowledge her efforts or talent. He keeps insulting her in a demeaning way. Preeti feels happy to see him getting married, unaware that Rati isn’t the right girl to become her Bahu. Preeti finds Tarun in danger and breaks her long silence to save his life. Juhi reveals about her sacrifice to Tarun. While the guests praise Preeti for the biggest sacrifice a mother could make, Tarun’s shocking reaction upsets Preeti. Tarun takes her sacrifice as an insult.

He wants her to stop the drama and not embarrass him further. He wants Preeti to stay away from his life. Preeti wants to tell that her children are her world. She faces a tough time and still keeps patience to get the marriage done. She shatters recalling Tarun’s blame. Upcoming in the show: Preeti gets insulted at Tarun’s office due to Rati’s mistake. She gets accused of theft. Tarun knows Rati is at fault and requests Preeti to accept the blame.

He asks her to sacrifice her respect for the sake of his image. Preeti gets into a dilemma seeing Tarun’s mean behavior. Rati plans to get Preeti out of Tarun’s life. A guy enters Preeti’s life to bring a huge change for the good. He offers a job to Preeti, a job that changes her entire life.

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