YRKKH Episode Preview Kirti Aditya spotted 24th Aug

YRKKH Episode Preview Kirti Aditya spotted 24th Aug

YRKKH Episode Preview Kirti Aditya spotted 24th Aug Naira happens to see Kirti with Aditya and is super shocked. She can’t believe the sight. She wonders why is Kirti secretly meeting Aditya. Kartik returns the phone to Naira after dropping her to the market. Naira tells him that she has just seen Kirti with Aditya. He doesn’t hear Aditya’s name. Aditya leaves by then. Kirti sees them and feels scared that they have caught her with Aditya. She goes to lie to them.

She realizes that they didn’t see Aditya. Naira tries to ask Kirti about the person in the car. Kirti lies that she is all alone and going to Goenka mansion. Naira fails to prove her word. Kirti gets stressed. She doesn’t want anyone to know about Aditya and her. Kartik gets an urgent call from home. Dadi summons him home to handle Manish, who isn’t in control. Kartik and Naira bring Kirti home. They see Manish with their picture.

Manish tells that he wants to see Kaira dance. Kartik gets happy to know that Manish remembers their dance. He asks him to recollect the past. Dadi asks Manish to identify them. Suwarna also tries to connect. Manish gets troubled by them. Kartik asks them not to scare Manish and stay away. The family gets overjoyed and hopeful that Manish will recover soon. Dadi exclaims that if Kartik and Naira perform the Radha krishna dance, then maybe Manish recollects something else, this way his memories can return. Kartik and Naira stay hopeful.

They are ready to do anything to help Manish recover. They go to get their dance costumes. They get into an eyelock. Naira gets glad when he talks to her like before and doesn’t stay upset. Naksh asks Kirti to stay happy and hopeful, because Manish is also trying to recover. Kirti tells that she is stressed for Manish’s state. Naksh asks her the reason for getting late. Kirti lies that she went to buy a gift for Manish. Naira overhears them and wonders why is Kirti lying to Naira. She finds Manish happy and feels blessed to have such a caring parent. She thinks he has still united Kartik and her, even when he doesn’t remember their relations.

On the other side, Choru prepares the swing beautifully. She finds Dadi with Naira’s family. She goes to have the sweets, but Dadi reprimands her. She thinks Dadi is really rude and scolds all the time. She still takes sweets before going away. Kartik and Naira come together to speak to Kairav. The family gets emotional on talking to Kairav. They all shower love on Kartik. Chori witnesses their love for Kairav. She dreams to be Kartik and Naira’s daughter and getting much love from Goenkas. She wishes that her dream comes true.

She prays to become the daughter of Goenka family so that she gets everything in her life. She doesn’t want a poor life. She gets cheered up. Kairav enquires about Chori. Naira tells him that Chori is staying with them. Kairav tells that Chori shouldn’t take his place in their hearts. Kartik doesn’t think it would happen ever. He promises to just love Kairav. Kartik and Naira perform the dance for Manish’s sake. Will Manish recover his memory? Keep reading.

YRKKH Episode Preview Kirti Aditya spotted 24th Aug

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