Ishq Mein Marjawa Riddhima exploits Vansh’s past secret

Ishq Mein Marjawa Riddhima exploits Vansh's past secret

Ishq Mein Marjawa Riddhima exploits Vansh’s past secret Riddhima hopes that Bappa helps her in exposing Vansh’s truth. She wants to know Vansh’s reality. She performs the puja with the family. She goes away when she gets a chance to spy. She finds a way. She gets to see light under a cupboard. She realizes that there is a secret passage.

She tries to find a way to get inside. Riddhima gets hindered by Ishani, who questions her about leaving the puja. Riddhima manages to lie to her, but Ishani suspects her. Ishani asks her not to try to know the house secrets if she isn’t related to it. She warns her. She tells that she can lose her life if she stays curious to dig out the truth. Vansh meets them and learns that the puja is completed. Riddhima thinks to get her answers from the secret room. She goes to apologize to Ragini, who lost her dad because of her. She doesn’t want to make any blunder again. She wants to find Ragini’s story and get justice for her. Aryan finds Riddhima and learns that she already knows about the mystery door. She hides on sensing someone around. She gets a shock on meeting Aryan. He offers her help.

He tells her that he had seen her spying on the secret door, he can help her out. He passes over the information of the key to secret door. She stops him from doing the favor. She doesn’t believe him. She knows he will misbehave with her. He asks her to forget the past. He clears that he doesn’t want any return gift for the help. He doesn’t keep any conditions.


He tells that he had come to help with a good intention. He asks her to decide if she thinks his information is wrong. He convinces her. He wants Riddhima to hurt Vansh. Riddhima stays confused. She goes to Vansh and finds him sleeping. She gets the keys from Vansh’s pocket, as Aryan guided her. Vansh holds her hand. She steals the keys and keeps back the wallet. Vansh wakes up and sees her. He asks if she didn’t sleep.

She asks for water and hides the keys. He finds her strange. He cares for her. He tells her that he doesn’t have proof, but he knows that she always lies and acts keeping an innocent face. He wants her to understand it and leave him alone. She asks him why did he get Ganpati home if he doesn’t believe. Vansh behaves strange. She thinks Vansh would have killed Ragini on this day. She wishes to inform Kabir about her new victory. She goes to enter the secret door and find Vansh’s truth. Riddhima doesn’t find anything that could help her.

She looks ahead for the evidence. Vansh looks for Riddhima. She gets to see another statue hidden there. She wonders who is that lady. She tries a new way to find the truth from Vansh. Vansh had killed the lady, who cheated her. Riddhima dresses up as that lady to make Vansh tell the truth. She troubles Vansh’s senses to know the truth. She wants Vansh to admit his crimes. Riddhima tricks Vansh in disguise and ruins his mental peace. Will Vansh learn Riddhima’s huge game and punish her? Keep reading.

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