Kumkum Bhagya Pragya raging outburst on Abhi next

Kumkum Bhagya Pragya raging outburst on Abhi next

Kumkum Bhagya Pragya raging outburst on Abhi next 31st August 2020 Update Zee5 Pragya gets angered that Prachi got arrested because of Mr. Mehra and Kohlis. She tells Sarita that Mehras and Kohlis don’t understand Prachi, they just understand money, they got her arrested by calling her home. She feels bad that they have forgiven Prachi’s help for Ranbir.

On the other hand, Ranbir comes to help Prachi at the police station. Prachi gets delighted that he came to meet her. Ranbir tells that he has come to meet her and give the sweets to her. He asks her to have sweets. Prachi gets touched by his gesture. She cries asking him if he isn’t upset with her. He wipes her tears. He tells that he felt she is upset and angry.

They clear their misunderstanding. He tells that he wanted to call her, but didn’t wish to make her more upset. She tells that she is upset with herself, she didn’t talk to him well. He cheers her. He asks her why does she think of him so much. Prachi realizes her feelings. Pragya tells that Prachi should have resigned to avoid the troubles. Shahana tells that Aaliya has fired her from the job. Pragya gets angry knowing Prachi is fire and landed in the lockup because of Mr. Mehra. She wants to confront him.

Shahana wants to tell her that Abhi was trying to save Prachi. Abhi tries to manage Prachi’s release. Ranbir tells that he knows she trusts him and he also trusts her. He tells that she is framed in this case, just like he was framed in Maya’s molestation case. He knows that she can never do any robbery. He tells that he doesn’t flirt these days, he is changing himself for her sake. He asks her why did she change her opinion about him.

She tells that he always supported her as a protector, she feels safe with him, she has seen his good side and also his concern. She feels he has many good qualities, he has stopped seeing any bad quality in him. He tells that she is the best and anyone can do a lot for her. She tells that not everyone is mad for her. She asks him to understand his feelings. She tells him that she admits that he is really good, and she feels for him. Ranbir wants to hear her confession. Rhea brings Maya there. They break their lovely moment.

Maya fumes on Ranbir for asking money for Prachi’s sake. Sanju gets the lawyer to apply for bail for his aides. Inspector asks him how did he arrange the bail. Sanju blames Prachi for being the mastermind. He manages to free his aides. Inspector tells that someone powerful is the mastermind, the bail papers have proved that Prachi is innocent. Maya vents anger on Ranbir. She tells that she will not spare Prachi. Rhea apologizes to Ranbir for bringing Maya. She stops Maya’s rage and takes her away. Maya and Rhea plan against Prachi.

Rhea knows that Prachi can’t tolerate that Ranbir requested Maya for money. Prachi scolds Ranbir for creating a new trouble for himself by asking Maya for money. She makes him realize that Maya’s family can file a dowry case on him. She is angry that he is so careless. Rhea asks her to just behave like their employee and not command Ranbir. Ranbir asks Rhea to leave. He wants to decide about Prachi. Rhea takes him away. Sanju hugs his aides. He asks them to just go and order food. He makes a leave. Ranbir finds the thieves bailed out.

Inspector tells that the thieves have framed Prachi and left on the bail. He asks Ranbir to arrange bail for Prachi. Rhea doesn’t want him to see Sanju. Inspector tells Ranbir that Prachi isn’t the mastermind, else she would have got herself freed before the thieves. Inspector asks Ranbir to find the man who just bailed out the thieves. He describes Sanju. Ranbir rushes to find Sanju. Rhea wants to stop Ranbir. Ranbir gets to see Sanju.

Rhea acts hurt to stop Ranbir. She tells him that it can’t be Sanju. Ranbir tells that he has seen Sanju’s face. Pragya meets Prachi to scold her for going to Mehra mansion. Prachi tells that she went there on Abhi’s call. Pragya reprimands her for the disobedience. She promises to get the wrong doers punished. Sarita wishes that Pragya doesn’t meet Abhi like always. Pragya reaches Abhi’s office to meet him. She barges into his cabin to rebuke him for getting Prachi behind the bars. Will Pragya be able to meet Abhi this time or Aaliya cause any new troubles? Keep reading.

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Kumkum Bhagya Pragya raging outburst on Abhi next


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