Choti Sardarni Kulwant direct confront plan for Vikram

Choti Sardarni Kulwant direct confront plan for Vikram

Choti Sardarni Kulwant direct confront plan for Vikram Sarabjeet and Meher get into an argument over filing the police case against Vikram, who had barged into their privacy by wrong means. Sarabjeet asks her to think about the pros and cons. He has to think about his political image also, before filing the complaint. Kulwant worries about Manav. She finds her sons relieved and eating food. She wants to scold them.

She alerts them that Vikram will interrogate them, but they have to keep their mouths shut. She doesn’t want any troubles for herself. Param finds Sarabjeet and Meher not talking to each other. He doesn’t want them to stay annoyed. He tries to secure their friendship again. He makes them break their silence. Sarabjeet tells her that there is no use to file the police complaint. She agrees with his point. She tells him that they shall invite Vikram and let him free to steal anything he wants, since Sarabjeet has a big heart.

On the other hand, Vikram tries to find Manav’s file in the police station. Kulwant got the file stolen and destroyed it. Inspector tells Vikram that the FIR was filed on Sarabjeet’s request. Vikram wants to know how does Sarabjeet know Manav. He gets interested in the case. Meher indirectly taunts Sarabjeet. Sarabjeet finds hard to talk to her. Meher tells Param and Karan that she can handle them together. Karan cries a lot.


Param asks Karan not to cry. He asks her to feed milk to Karan first and then make the food for him. He tells that he can wait for the food, since he is a big boy. Vikram calls Sarabjeet for a new enquiry. He wants to know about Manav. Sarabjeet is hurt by Vikram’s deceive. Vikram asks Sarabjeet about Manav’s missing report. Sarabjeet helped Manav’s relative when the police wasn’t taking the FIR. He tells that Manav was his friend, who disappeared suddenly.

Meher overhears their conversation. Sarabjeet tells that he met Manav, who was very talented and wanted to become an IPS office. He asks Vikram does he suspect any scam in it. Vikram tells that he will trouble him again if he wants. Sarabjeet tells that he hates thieves and cheaters. He scolds Vikram for backstabbing. Vikram tells that he has played a police-thief game in childhood. Sarabjeet tells that he isn’t a thief to get scared. He didn’t like Vikram’s illegal ways of investigation.

He asks Vikram to shut the case, there is nothing wrong in the matter. He asks Vikram if there is any personal enmity. Vikram tells that there is nothing personal between them. He apologizes for hurting his sentiments. He calls it his duty. Sarabjeet angrily disconnects. Meher didn’t know that Sarabjeet met Manav once and knew him. She thinks if he knew Manav and her past. Sarabjeet promises her that he will not let Vikram rule over them. He tells that they can win any battle if they are together. Meher gets inspired by him.

Param gets glad to see them friendly again. Later, Vikram makes a plan against Kulwant to make her confess her crime. He shoots in the darkness to find the truth. He wants to know if Kulwant is involved in Manav’s death. He asks the inspector to send Dhaba food to Kulwant’s house and mention Manav’s name as the sender. Sarabjeet and Harleen get happy to celebrate a festival Haryali Teej. Harleen tells that its a special day for Sarabjeet, all of his sisters will be coming tomorrow. Param gets glad to meet his aunts.

The dhaba food gets delivered at Kulwant’s house. Bittu and Rana get shocked to read about Manav’s gift. Kulwant reads about Manav’s gift. They think someone is scaring them for finding the truth. Kulwant knows that its Manav/Vikram’s plan to trouble them. She doesn’t want to fall into his plan. She calls up Meher to apologize to her. She tells that she has got her married to Sarabjeet and set her life. Meher ends all ties with her mother. She tells that they are aware that their relation is over after Manav’s death.

Kulwant tells that she always wishes the best for her children. She regrets when Meher doesn’t speak well with her. Meher invites the family for Sarabjeet’s sake. Kulwant promises to safeguard her from every evil. She clears that Vikram is Manav. Meher doesn’t believe her. Kulwant wants to prove that Vikram is Manav. She thinks to meet him directly and confront him. Kulwant lands at Vikram’s place to confront him. Will she fall into his trap? Keep reading.

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