Anupama Starplus Promo Update Tonight Broken Trust

Anupama Starplus Promo Update Tonight Broken Trust

Anupama Starplus Promo Update Tonight Broken Trust Anupama shows immense faith on Vanraj and Kavya. She tells Kavya that she knows her well and trusts her so much that nothing can go wrong in her life until her friend Kavya is with her. She tells that she has told everyone that she isn’t scared of losing Vanraj since Kavya is there to secure their relation. Kavya feels guilt-ridden on seeing Anupama’s trust.

Anupama tells that Vanraj wanted to explain Pakhi that not all the friends are good and loyal like her, some friends aren’t sincere in keeping the relation. She asks Kavya to explain Vanraj to be polite towards Pakhi. Anupama feels she has failed as a mother, she isn’t able to handle them or understand their emotions. Kavya feels Anupama is the best mother. She tells that she didn’t see a good homemaker ever in her life. Anupama gets her inside the house.

Sanjay meets them. Kavya gets tensed knowing he is aware of Vanraj and her affair. Kavya runs away by making an excuse. Sanjay asks Anupama to have little doubt and insecurity even if there is love and faith in the relation. Anupama tells that she has total faith on Vanraj. Sanjay is hiding the big truth. He hopes that Vanraj doesn’t cheat her. He wishes that Vanraj ends his affair. Kavya breaks down on recalling Anupama’s words.


On reaching the office, she feels guilty that Anupama trusts her and she is cheating Anupama so badly. She meets Vanraj and shares her emotions. She tells her that she is doing wrong to break Anupama’s family and trust. She feels she is backstabbing Anupama’s trust. She tells him that she shall break up, she can’t continue their affair and cheat Anupama. Vanraj loves Kavya a lot. He explains her that Anupama is his wife, it was an arranged marriage, he has no love for her, he just takes care of Anupama as his responsibility.

He doesn’t want Kavya to part ways with him. He tells her that he loves her and none can take her place. He wants to be selfish since she gives him happiness. He asks her if she can stay without him. Kavya melts her heart recalling their moments. She confesses love to him. Vanraj convinces her to never talk of break up again. On the other hand, Kinjal wants Paritosh to speak to Vanraj by taking Anupama’s help. He tells that Anupama has no worth in the family, Vanraj will never listen to her. She asks him to respect his mother.

He insists her to talk to Rakhi. She tells him that she can’t hurt Rakhi, he has to take an initiative by convincing his parents. They end up arguing. She tells him that they shall break up if he has issues with her. He tells her that he will end her life if he loses her, if their marriage doesn’t get possible. He gets depressed. Anupama sends Samar to find Paritosh. Samar tells her that Paritosh was with Kinjal, but now he isn’t at his classes. He looks for Paritosh. Anupama wants to bridge Vanraj and Paritosh.

Baa asks her to try harder and make them bond emotionally. Paritosh goes missing. This worries Anupama. She speaks to Kinjal and learns about her fight with Paritosh. Baa scolds Kinjal for breaking Paritosh’s heart. She fears that he may take any wrong step. Anupama wants to find her son. Samar informs Vanraj that Paritosh is missing. Vanraj takes a leave from his office and drives to home to know about his son. Paritosh’s drunken drama is next.

He feels cursed to get parents like Vanraj and Anupama. He tells that being an orphan would be better than having selfish and harmful parents. Anupama slaps him. Vanraj finds Paritosh harming his life for the sake of a girl. He wants Anupama to handle Paritosh before any disaster snatches their son forever. Anupama gets an ultimatum to fix the broken trust. Will she succeed? Keep reading.

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