Anupama Paritosh blasts at family Anupama enraged

Anupama Paritosh blasts at family Anupama enraged

Anupama Paritosh blasts at family Anupama enraged Anupama is worried a lot for her missing son Paritosh. Sanjay and Samar fail to find him. She requests them to go again and find them. She thinks of Paritosh. She prays that her son comes home. Baa tells them that they should file a missing report. Anupama gets stressed. She tries everything to get her son home. Anupama gets blamed by Baa again and again.

Sanjay doesn’t want Baa to blame Anupama. He consoles Anupama. Paritosh returns home in a drunken state. The family is shell shocked to see him drunk. Paritosh got drunk for the first time. He fails to handle himself. He tells them that he has lost Kinjal’s love, his pain got too big and he was helpless to drink. He insults his family members a lot. He makes fun of everyone present and also Vanraj.

He feels Vanraj and Anupama are horrible parents, who don’t love him. He feels Anupama loves Samar, and Vanraj loves Pakhi. He wanted to be his parents’ favorite. He feels his siblings don’t match to his standard, but they receive much work, unlike him. He feels he has worked hard and topped in studies to make his parents proud, even then no one loves him. He feels Vanraj feels supreme like a king, his ego is too big, he wants him to know that ego isn’t everything. He gets ill speaking against the family.


He calls Anupama a namesake mother. He calls her an enemy, who can’t see him happy. He hurts her heart. Anupama puts a stop to his misbehavior by slapping him hard on his face. She doesn’t control her rage. She scolds Paritosh. She tells him that the entire family loves him madly, they were proud of him until the day he left the house for a girl’s sake and came home drunk to create a scene. She makes Paritosh realize his mistake. She bashes him until he realizes what he just spoke. She is frustrated by his misbehavior.

She shows her rights on Paritosh. She tells that she isn’t his enemy, she has chosen his life when she had complications in her pregnancy. She wants him to value his family’s love. Anupama breaks down. Vanraj returns home and learns the entire incident from Baa. He loses his cool knowing Paritosh’s drama is getting high day by day. He wants to throw out Paritosh again. Anupama and Samar find Paritosh taking the sleeping pills. They get worried that it may cause harm to his life. How will Anupama bring her son back on the right path? Keep reading.

Anupama Paritosh blasts at family Anupama enraged

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