Choti Sardarni Upcoming Vikram suspicious irksome drama

Choti Sardarni Upcoming Vikram suspicious irksome drama

Choti Sardarni Upcoming Vikram suspicious irksome drama 5th September 2020 Meher and Sarabjeet celebrate the festive with their siblings. They are very happy to share the happiness. Sarabjeet gifts the Sandhara gifts to Aditi as well. Meher wants to know what is Vikram planning. Sarabjeet doesn’t care for Vikram’s presence while he decides to make a big announcement. Kulwant asks Sarabjeet about the gift kept separately. She questions him.

Harleen doesn’t want Sarabjeet to tell anything. Sarabjeet tells Harleen that its better to tell the entire family about the new member in the family. Aditi goes on a phone call. Sarabjeet tells the family that he wants to disclose a secret. He thinks its perfect time to reveal about his stepsister. He doesn’t know her identity. He wants to find her and unite with the family. Sarabjeet tells Kulwant about his stepsister, for whom he has got the gift.

Sarabjeet reveals that his dad had a daughter from his second marriage. He regrets that the situation made his sister away. He wants to give rights to his sister to fulfill his dad’s last wish. He is sure to find his sister. Aditi is busy talking to her patient. Sarabjeet tells that Harleen and he will try their best to find their sister. He promises to give a good life to his sister. He wants to give the family name, respect, love and rights to his sister.

Kulwant asks Sarabjeet if they know about the girl. Harleen tells them that the girl’s nickname was Guddi. Sarabjeet reveals the birthmark on Guddi’s neck. Vikram realizes that Aditi is Guddi. Sarabjeet tells about his dad’s poem, which just three of them know. Vikram records them. Sarabjeet and Harleen recite the poem. They tell that Guddi will complete the poem. Sarabjeet decides to wait for Guddi. Vikram bags a big news.

Jagga wishes Sarabjeet all the best in his search for Guddi. Sarabjeet misses Guddi. Aditi finds him upset. Vikram hinders her from meeting Sarabjeet. He wants to tell her about Sarabjeet’s sister Guddi when right time comes. He tells her that Sarabjeet got emotional. Aditi asks Sarabjeet the reason for his tears. Sarabjeet tells that he is thinking of her marriage, he got tears thinking of her bidaai. Aditi tells that there is still much time. She rushes for the hospital emergency. Vikram wants to stay back until dinner.

She asks Vikram to stop joking and come with her. Meher tells Sarabjeet that Aditi and Vikram’s relation isn’t a normal one. Sarabjeet tells her that Aditi would be upset because of Vikram’s investigation. Meher tells that she has noticed Aditi and Vikram, who stayed alienated. Aditi asks Vikram not to get back into the function. Vikram tells that he will go to his office. He sends her away. He gets some nails to puncture his car tyre. He wants to begin his investigation at Kulwant’s place.

Sarabjeet tells Kulwant that Vikram will get respect until he stays as Aditi’s fiance. Vikram gets ready with his drama. He asks Jagga to drop him home, since his car tyre suddenly got punctured. Jagga agrees to take Vikram along. Meher finds Vikram in Jagga’s car. She suspects him to be planning something. Jagga asks her not to stress. Meher tells that she will arrange a car for Vikram. Meher shares her suspicion about Vikram with Harleen. Harleen tells her that she has seen Vikram making Sarabjeet’s video. She is much angry. She scolds Meher for inviting Vikram home. Meher clarifies that she didn’t invite Vikram, Sarabjeet got him in by showing great hospitality.

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