Kasautii Tellyreviews Update Anurag Prerna odd twists

Kasautii Tellyreviews Update Anurag Prerna odd twists

Kasautii Tellyreviews Update Anurag Prerna odd twists Prerna misunderstands Anurag because of his strange behavior. He always acts caring towards her and then calls her at fault to seek his attention. She tells him that she doesn’t want him to mock her feelings and regret being with her. She finds him behaving really odd, as if he wants to tell her something. Anurag wants to tell her the truth. He changes his mind when she starts accusing him.

The high point when he tells her that he would tell her everything about the day he cheated her, changes into a null when he drops the topic suddenly. She reminds him how he broke her trust by pushing her down the bridge. Anurag doesn’t defend himself. He accepts his mistake, but can’t help about it. He wants to go away before she goes. They both try to open the door, but find it stuck. They start accusing each other.


She tells him that he always does wrong to hurt her by his cheap tactics. He doesn’t want her to blame him for the mistake he didn’t commit. He tells that he isn’t behind the door lock scene. She doesn’t believe him, knowing the kind of cheat he is. Anurag wants to get out of the blame game. She tells him that just the kitchen staff can help them, but its too tough to get their attention. Anurag tells her that he isn’t interested in being locked with her. She has the same feelings of bitterness for him.

Anurag cares for her when she gets hurt. She wants him to mind his behavior. She tells him that he looks confused. He tells her that he wants to move on in his life, but something is pulling him back. She blames him for snatching everything possible from her. He wants to tell her how helpless he was. They don’t initiate the topic of Sneha, when he had a fair chance to speak to Prerna without any hindrance. He prefers to stays silent and accept her accusations. Her question leaves her speechless.

She asks him if Komolika will spare him without any suspicion if she finds them locked again. She praises Mr. Bajaj for having a good understanding and always supporting her. She tells that she has no issues because of such a good life partner. Anurag wants her to just believe him once. He tells her that he isn’t a bad guy as she thinks of him. She doesn’t want to think of anything about him. She tells that she will not let him gain importance in her life. Anurag confesses that she is still his life, she matters a lot and will always do.

Prerna is taken aback by his confession. On the other side, Ronit realizes that his phone got stolen by Kaushik. After failing to find his phone everywhere, he thinks to confront Kaushik. Kaushik is busy with friends. Kuki meets Anushka, who comes in the party just on Kuki’s call. Anushka flirts with Kaushik, which irks Kuki a lot. Kuki knows Kaushik likes her, but wants his attention as well. She gets upset with him and starts ignoring him.

Kaushik finds her indifferent behavior and corners her to question about it. She expresses her anger when he ignored her in front of Anushka. She realizes her feelings for Kaushik. Before he could sort out the issue, Ronit catches him to ask for his phone. Kaushik tells that he has no idea about his phone. He doesn’t reveal about Moloy. Ronit and Kaushik get into a fight. They pose friendly in front of Shivani. Shivani wants Ronit to be happy. Ronit tells her that his phone search is important right now. He fears to tell Komolika about losing his phone.

Moloy passes his phone to Mr. Patra, asking him to get all the data to know Ronit’s real intentions behind the marriage. Mr. Patra hints him about Ronit’s involvement in Anurag and Prerna’s bridge incident. Moloy gets suspicious of Komolika as well. He wants to know the reason that Anurag cheated Prerna. Mr. Patra seeks some time to gather all the necessary information needed to connect the dots. Ronit informs Komolika about losing his phone.

Komolika fears that her planning will get known to Prerna. She angrily slaps him. Their tension gets caught by Veena. Later, Anurag and Prerna get fainting in the cold storage room. Anurag worries for Prerna’s life, when she falls unconscious. How will Anurag save her? Keep reading.

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