Anurag Prerna New Kasauti Upcoming news Star Plus

Anurag Prerna New Kasauti Upcoming news Star Plus

Anurag Prerna New Kasauti Upcoming news Star Plus Anurag and Prerna have a moment of togetherness. He cares for her, though she feels his concern is fake. He tells her that she should wear his jacket to feel warm. He also feels cold, but lies that he is totally fine. Prerna refuses to take his help. She doesn’t listen to him. She asks him not to wear his jacket if he isn’t feeling cold. She puts his jacket inside the freezer and leaves him to shiver as well. He finds her stubborn as always.

She thinks he is showing concern to make her emotional. On the other hand, Kuki thinks of her feelings for Kaushik. She gets some from Shivani to know what’s true love. Shivani asks her to find her true love who would be somewhere around. Meanwhile, Ronit worriedly tells Komolika about his stolen phone. She slaps him in rage.

She doesn’t want Shivani to know her plans. She finds Veena around. She does a goodness drama and proves that she cares for Shivani. She cooks up a story and covers up the act. Ronit realizes that Veena is looking at them. He also plays along. Veena’s doubt gets clear. She thinks Komolika has temper issues. Komolika shows the phone she got back from Moloy. Ronit gets surprised.

She tells Ronit that Moloy was trying to get the phone unlocked and checked by Patra’s help. She reveals that she has failed Moloy’s plans by her sly plan. Ronit feels proud of her. He thanks her. She asks him not to make such a mistake again. Prerna shivers in cold. She doesn’t want Anurag’s favor. Anurag asks her to wear the jacket and stay warm, she can at least fight for more time with him. Anurag and Prerna have an argument. Prerna shivers a lot and finally faints down. Anurag finds her unconscious. He takes care of her.

He tries to get her to consciousness. He gives her CPR when she doesn’t respond. Anurag and Prerna’s intimacy gets caught by Komolika and family. While the family understands that Anurag was saving Prerna’s life, Komolika gets enraged. She wants to kill Prerna for getting close to Anurag. She also plans to get Moloy killed since he is posing troubles for Ronit and her. She doesn’t want Moloy to stop the marriage.

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