Choti Sardarni Update 11th September Vikram’s secret

Choti Sardarni Update 11th September Vikram's secret

Choti Sardarni Update 11th September Vikram’s secret Aditi reveals the past to Vikram. She tells Vikram that her mum was insulted in the Gill mansion, she will take revenge on Sarabjeet and Harleen. He tells her that its not justice to take revenge on them, who aren’t at fault. He tells that it was Sarabjeet’s grandpa’s mistake, Sarabjeet shouldn’t pay for it. He asks her to drop her revenge plans.

She tells him that she lost everything in a moment, she will not spare them. He tells her that he will send Sarabjeet to jail if he is at fault, but he will support him if he is innocent. He asks her not to hurt good people. He asks her not to judge Sarabjeet’s true emotions for his sister Guddi. He tells her that Sarabjeet loves Guddi, she should believe him. He wants Aditi to focus of their marriage.

He asks her to make the revelation to Sarabjeet that she is Guddi. Aditi gets emotional. She is scared that she will lose her happiness, maybe Sarabjeet and Harleen won’t accept her with the truth. She swears to tell her truth to them on the day of her Bidaai. Vikram supports her. Sarabjeet meets Vikram’s parents to fix the alliance. Vikram tells them that he is ready for the marriage. His parents want to take the pandit’s advice first.


Sarabjeet apologizes to Aditi if she felt anything bad. Vikram tells that Aditi felt she is a burden on them and left. Sarabjeet tells that he isn’t burdened by his duties, he is lucky to get her married to Vikram. He is ready to fulfill Vikram’s demands for the sake of Aditi’s happiness. Vikram has no conditions and demands. He is happy to have Aditi. Meanwhile, Kulwant is troubled thinking how did Manav survive.

She is angered that Manav fake married and impregnated Meher out of wedlock. She wants to punish him once again. She doesn’t forgive him. The Pandit checks Vikram and Aditi’s Kundali dosh. He tells that Vikram’s Kundali has two weddings written. Meher tells that Kundalis shouldn’t be given importance if Vikram and Aditi love each other. Pandit asks Meher to give her Suhaag chunri to Aditi so that the Kundali issues get resolved.

Sarabjeet asks Meher to do the rituals if it makes the elders happy. He is ready to do it right away to take the marriage talks ahead. Meher gets her chunri and gets emotional recalling her marriage. She gives her chunri to Aditi. Sarabjeet asks Meher about getting two chunris. Harleen doesn’t care for the two chunris. Meher tells them that she will keep one chunri and give other one to Aditi.

She thinks of her marriage with Manav and the emotions connected with the chunri. Sarabjeet helps Meher solve the problems always. She realizes that he is always there with her. They have a cute moment. She pulls his cheeks and thanks him. She tells him that he is more cute than Param. Sarabjeet likes her compliment. He makes Meher don the chunri. He tells that he is getting much peace to do the rituals with her, since there is love between them. Meher gives away Manav’s chunri to Aditi.

Vikram remembers his past on seeing the chunri. He feels connected with the chunri, much to Meher’s shock. Vikram tells Meher that he has seen the chunri before. Meher recalls her love moments with Manav and is shaken up. Meher parts away with Manav’s memory. The Gill family wishes Aditi. Vikram asks Sarabjeet if he will fulfill his promise and prove his innocence. Sarabjeet promises him. They look ahead to keep the engagement ceremony. Vikram’s confusion makes Meher worried.

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