Choti Sardarni Update 12th Sept Vikram accuses Sarabjeet

Choti Sardarni Update 12th Sept Vikram accuses Sarabjeet

Choti Sardarni Update 12th Sept Vikram accuses Sarabjeet Meher doesn’t think Vikram can be Manav. She doesn’t want to think about the past. She asks Aditi to shift to their house. The police is still searching Manav. Kulwant gets his picture. She wonders how has reopened the Manav’s case. She doesn’t know that Vikram has started investigating the same. Meher and Sarabjeet come closer. They have feelings of love for each other, but doesn’t confess it. They share a romantic moment.

She tells him that they have much work to handle, Aditi’s engagement preparations are due. Harleen explains Param that Sarabjeet regards Aditi his sister, Aditi will be getting married from their house. Param breaks Sarabjeet and Meher’s romance. He also wants a sister, so that he can also do his duty towards his little sister. Sarabjeet lies to Param that Meher is in the kitchen. Param asks him whom is he hiding behind the curtain.

Sarabjeet lies that its a wild cat. Meher bites his hand. Sarabjeet jokes on Meher. She asks him why did he hide her from Param. He tells that Param would have asked them many questions if he had seen them together. Sarabjeet calls Meher a pretty cat. She asks him why does he call her by such odd names. He tells her that he loves her. They feel awkward and avoid the topic. He goes to send invitations. Sarabjeet invites Kulwant.


She learns about Vikram and Aditi’s marriage. She wants to kill Vikram so that he never tries to harm them. Param tells the wild cat story to Harleen. Harleen laughs knowing Sarabjeet and Meher’s romance tales. Harleen teases Meher. Param tells Meher that he also wants to get his little sister married off from his house. He asks her when will she get a little sister for him. Harleen also wants Meher to answer. She tells that Sarabjeet and Meher should decide and plan a baby now. She wants them to complete their happy family by having a daughter.

Meher wants Harleen to accept Karan in the family. Sarabjeet tells Harleen that their family is already complete with Param and Karan. He doesn’t want Meher to feel pressurized. Sarabjeet welcomes the guests in the engagement ceremony. He hurries to find the person behind the scam so that he can answer Vikram. He tells Param that he has got many gifts for Aditi. He wants to see Meher. Vikram gets to see Manav’s picture. He didn’t know that Manav was exactly his lookalike. Meher decks up Aditi.

She tells that Sarabjeet doesn’t value money, he values family and relations. She praises Sarabjeet. She tells that she values Sarabjeet a lot, he is much different, a good person and also her good friend. Sarabjeet likes to hear good things from Meher. Aditi asks Meher if she loves Sarabjeet so much. Meher learns Sarabjeet’s presence around. He tells that she had been singing his praise and he is much happy. Aditi teases them.

Sarabjeet and Meher compliment Aditi. Vikram meets his parents and shows them Manav’s picture. He asks them about his identical twin brother. His mum calls it a big joke. Vikram tells that he isn’t joking. She asks him not to get into such silly traps. She tells him that she has given birth to him. Surya gets worried on hearing their conversation. Vikram tells that he was attacked when someone assumed him Manav.

Surya tells that people have their lookalikes, its common. He asks Vikram to drop the case if he wants to know about Manav. Vikram tells that he can’t leave the case, he has to fight and win. Param checks Aditi’s bag to get her inhaler when she gets an asthma attack. Meher gets a vital clue by the documents. She learns that Guddi is inside the Gill mansion. Later, Vikram refuses for the engagement, accusing Sarabjeet for cleverly rushing for the marriage functions by lying to him. He asks Sarabjeet about the scam culprit. Meher stops Vikram from misbehaving with Sarabjeet.


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