Yeh Rishta Kya Kehlata Hai Naksh hunts for truth 12th Sept

Yeh Rishta Kya Kehlata Hai Naksh hunts for truth 12th Sept

Yeh Rishta Kya Kehlata Hai Naksh hunts for truth 12th Sept Kartik and Naira have their sunken hearts that they are going to send Krishna with Desai family. Chori aka Krishna tells them that she loves them and wants to be with them. She tells that she likes to stay with them in Goenka mansion. She is comfortable with them. She isn’t sure of the couple who have come to adopt her. She tells them that the couple maybe bad and may not love her as them.

Kartik tells her that the couple has already made arrangements to welcome her home, they are really excited and have expressed their willingness to take her, which proves that they will love her. She tells them that she wants to be with them if they have also given consent to adopt them. Naira explains her that the couple would become parents if she goes with them. She asks her to give them a chance.

She promises to stay in touch and be a part of her life. Kartik and Naira ensure that they will always be a call away. Kartik tells that he is her superman, he will soon come to meet her. Krishna gets too emotional. She tears the adoption papers. Kartik and Naira take her to the couple. Krishna doesn’t go to the couple. She instead meets the Goenka family first to bid them a farewell. She receives many gifts from them.


She gives her best wishes to one and all. She prays that Manish recovers soon. She tells that happiness will soon come back in Goenka mansion in the form of Manish’s normalcy. The family gets blessed. Kartik and Naira please her by calling her their princess and making her don a crown. Dadi too shares a cute moment with Krishna and tells that she will miss her naughty talks a lot. Krishna gets much upset. She tells them that she will miss all of them and come to meet them often. She hugs Kartik and Naira, before making a leave. The Goenkas cry for her.

Later, Suwarna asks Kartik and Naira to meet Manish so that they forget the sorrow of sending Krishna. Kartik and Naira prepare themselves to move on. Naira gets a sweet dream where Krishna gifts her little anklets for a baby. Naira tries to figure out the meaning of the dream. She wakes up happy. She wants to discuss it with Kartik. They have a sweet moment. Krishna calls them to tell how much she is missing them. Naira tells her about the dream. She isn’t able to understand the signal.

Krishna tells her that little anklet would be meant for a baby. Naira gets happy to get the meaning. She thinks she is soon expecting a baby. She wants to give the good news to Kartik, who gets a call from the doctor. Kartik is informed about Naira’s weakness. He wants to focus on her health. He prepares to make her strong and stress free like before. Naira doesn’t know about her test reports. She shares her pregnancy news with Kartik. The entire family learns Naira’s good news and celebrate, while Kartik is afraid for Naira’s weak state.

He doesn’t want her dreams to shatter like the last time. On the other side, Naksh is much upset thinking of Kirti’s lie. He doesn’t want to judge her soon. He thinks she is stressed and hiding the truth about Aditya so that he doesn’t worry. He can’t doubt her intentions. He still wants to know the truth of the picture. He can’t tolerate that Aditya is meeting Krish. He wonders why did Kirti hide this if she already knew this, since it can create much problems for them. He thinks to find out himself what is Kirti hiding from him and for what reason.

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