Ishq Mein Marjawan 2 Vansh Riddhima secret enemy

Ishq Mein Marjawan 24th September Real DSR arrives

Ishq Mein Marjawan 2 Vansh Riddhima secret enemy 15th September 2020 Riddhima tries to connect the dots and find out about the assassin, who actually shot at Vansh. She thinks if the assassin wants to kill her too, since he had come to remove her ventilator as well. She recalls the incidents to think over again. She realizes that the masked enemy is after Vansh and her life. She believes that they both are in danger. She decides to find out the truth so that she can know Vansh’s reality. She doesn’t have any doubt on Vansh now.

She believes that he didn’t murder Ragini. She wants to know if Vansh is innocent, then why is Kabir proving him to be a criminal. Vansh finds her panicking and terrified. She loses her breath when she recalls the attack. Vansh tries to calm her down. He questions her about her tensed behavior. She tells him that she remembers everything, about the masked person who shot the bullet at him and also tried to kill her. She remembers everything.

Kabir was right about her that she will not forget the incident easily and try to connect the dots to reach the culprit. That is why, Kabir wanted her to die. Vansh learns about the masked enemy. He swears to find the enemy and present him before Riddhima. He promises to serve the justice to her. Riddhima wants to trust his word. Vansh asks her not to stress herself with the thoughts and just stay well.


Vansh tries to find out if Riddhima was really attacked. He shares his concern with Angre. He tells Angre that someone had dared to enter his house and hurt his family. He can’t spare the enemy, who can harm anyone in the family. He tells that he will not easily forget the incident, he will dig out to the roots and find out.

Anupriya doesn’t want Vansh to find out the facts. She advises him to take care of himself. Later on, Dadi meets Riddhima to reveal about Vansh’s true love for his wife. She tells Riddhima that Vansh has offered prayers for her life, even when he had no belief in God. She tells that Vansh is changing because of Riddhima’s love. Riddhima can’t believe it that Vansh loves her so much. Dadi wants Riddhima to believe Vansh and move on with him. She doesn’t want Riddhima to spy further. Riddhima realizes that Vansh had protected her and did a husband’s duty. Dadi is glad that both Vansh and Riddhima protected each other.

Meanwhile, Ishani gets revengeful against Riddhima. She is assuming that Riddhima has killed Sunny. She starts troubling Riddhima. Riddhima gets a threatening message on her mirror. She screams in fear and reaches Vansh.

Riddhima and Vansh have a moment. Vansh learns about the threatening message, but doesn’t get to see it on the mirror. Riddhima wants him to believe her. The family gets involved. They don’t believe Riddhima either. Riddhima tries to find clues and suspects Ishani. She hunts for the proof. She gets into a fight with Ishani. She tells the family that Ishani is behind the attack on her. Vansh doesn’t believe that his sister can stoop so low.

Moreover, Vansh proves to Riddhima that Ishani can’t be the attacker. Riddhima wonders if its Anupriya or someone else from the family. Vansh gets angered when Riddhima blames his family. He doesn’t want her to jump to conclusions and hurt his family’s sentiments. He buys some time to find out the truth. Who is the secret enemy working with Kabir? Comment what you think about the show. Follow our channel Tellyreviews.

Reviewed Rating for this particular episode Ishq Mein Marjawan 2 Vansh Riddhima secret enemy 15th September 2020: 4/5
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