Kasautii Zindagii Kay 15th Sept Chandrika breaks the truth

Kasautii Zindagii Kay 15th Sept Chandrika breaks the truth

Kasautii Zindagii Kay 15th Sept Chandrika breaks the truth Prerna spends time with Samidha. She takes her to have icecream, where the icecream seller assumes them to be mother and daughter. Prerna gets emotional when he tells that Samidha resembles her. She wants to be with Samidha like her mother all the life. Samidha tells that she isn’t pretty like Prerna, but Prerna finds her more pretty. They stay happy in their own zone.

Priyanka questions Chandrika about her lie to Prerna. She didn’t know that Chandrika is doing this purposely. Chandrika manages to cook up another story. She misleads Priyanka as well. Priyanka wants to know what is Chandrika hiding, if she is really lying or not. She finds Prerna and Samidha really happy with each other. She wishes that they were really blood related.

On the other side, Kaushik happens to see Kuki in the middle of the road, when her car breaks down. He helps her by arranging a mechanic. He takes her to the nearby tea stall to have tea and pass the time until the mechanic comes. He expresses his feelings. He speaks his heart out and is grateful to Anurag who taught him the right way to live life.


Kuki finds him a good-hearted person. She befriends Kaushik. They spend some time together. Bajaj gets to see them at the tea stall. He wants to confront Kuki. Kuki doesn’t know that her dad has seen her with Kaushik.

Meanwhile, Komolika confronts Nivedita for keeping the important documents with her. She demands her to get the papers. Nivedita explains why she had kept the papers with her. Komolika tells that nothing is guaranteed, Nivedita can also hand over the papers to Anurag or Prerna. She takes the papers from her. She thinks to keep it with herself. Anurag suspects that Nivedita was lying to him. He speaks to his clients and gets certain that she lied to him on Komolika’s order. He wants to know why is Nivedita still trusting the evil Komolika.

Komolika insults Nivedita in her own ways again. She makes Nivedita realize that she is her master. Nivedita feels bad for herself. Anurag decides to find out the papers. He doubts that its something related to him. He is right about the documents, related to Prerna’s company.

Moreover, Prerna realizes that she has transferred the company shares to Komolika without asking Bajaj. She fears his reaction. She shares her concern with Veena. She thinks Bajaj may not like the fact that she has given the major stake to Komolika and Anurag, just to save the orphanage for the sake of Samidha. Veena hopes that Bajaj understands Prerna’s love for Samidha.

Anurag makes a plan to keep his family engaged for a while, so that he can look for the papers himself. He makes a plan to dine with the entire family. He wants them to be away when he looks for papers. Anurag succeeds in his plans. He finds out the papers and learns that Komolika has blackmailed Prerna to get the majority stakes of Bajaj city project. He fumes knowing Komolika’s move. He wants to tackle Komolika.

Komolika is fearless and doesn’t seem to care for anyone. Komolika gets a shocking call from Chandrika, who reveals that Sneha is very much alive. She reveals that Prerna is meeting her daughter, though she doesn’t know the truth. She tells Komolika the real identity of Sneha. Komolika is shocked to know that Samidha is Sneha. What will Komolika do now? Keep reading.

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