Yeh Rishta Anupama Star Plus Top 2 Spoilers Today

Yeh Rishta Anupama Star Plus Top 2 Spoilers Today

Yeh Rishta Anupama Star Plus Top 2 Spoilers Today Aditya lies to the Goenka and Singhania family that Krish is his son. He tells them that he has no family. He regrets that even his business isn’t working. He begs them to give them Krish. He asks Kirti not to get scared and admit that she had a relation with her ex-husband. He wants her to plan another child with Naksh and give away Krish. Kirti gets answerable to everyone. Kirti denies it.

She gets scared when she sees Naksh hearing the lies. She asks Naksh not to believe Aditya. Naira warns Aditya and asks him to get out of their house. She yells at him. Naksh believes Kirti. Kirti tells them that she is innocent. Singhanias get to learn about Naira’s pregnancy. Naira scolds Aditya for coming with such a bad plan to snatch Krish. Aditya tells them that he will just take Krish with him and leave. He is ready to provide a proof.

He suggests that they get the paternity test done for Krish. Naksh suspects Kirti. Kartik feels bad for Kirti. Naira meets an accident while looking for Kartik. She falls down the stairs. What will happen to Naira’s baby? Will Aditya be able to prove himself right? Who is Krish’s father? Will Naksh believe Kirti?


Yeh Rishta Anupama Star Plus Top 2 Spoilers Today

Vanraj meets Anupama’s family and praises her cooking skills. He pleases Anupama and her family. He invites them for Paritosh and Kinjal’s engagement. He sings her praise all the while. He tells them that its all Anupama’s hardwork that she made it poissble. Anupama is on cloud nine. She wants to sell her jewellery and buy a diamond ring for Kinjal. She takes permission from Baa to go and buy the ring. Baa gets upset that she isn’t invited for shopping.

Anupama takes the step to sell her jewellery. Rakhi learns this and thinks to use the truth against Anupama. Samar is very happy when Nandini joins them for the dance rehearsals. Rakhi thinks to create a rift in the house. She reveals to Shah family that Anupama has sold her jewellery and bought a diamond ring for Kinjal. Vanraj fumes on Anupama for disrespecting him and going against his word. He is much upset and drops the fake pretense. He comes to his real self. He accuses Anupama for giving a slap to Rakhi to slap him.

He doesn’t want the diamond ring to be used for the engagement. Anupama gets rebuked for selling the jewellery. Baa demands her to show the jewellery gifted in the marriage to Anupama. She suspects that Anupama has sold off everything. Rakhi creates troubles in their family just to get rid of the alliance. She wants to make more demands and put Anupama in the testing times. How will Anupama manage to keep the alliance and balance her family? Keep reading.

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