Kumkum Bhagya 17th Sept Abhi threatened by Dushyant

Kumkum Bhagya 17th Sept Abhi threatened by Dushyant

Kumkum Bhagya 17th Sept Abhi threatened by Dushyant Ranbir’s family creates a ruckus and break the mandap. Kohlis get worried and want to stop the marriage at any cost. They play the ugly drama to fight. Chobeys are afraid for Maya seeing the cat fight in Kohli family. Aaliya’s goon reaches the house to kidnap the bride.

Aaliya is happy seeing Rhea smiling. She asks the goon not to get sighted by anyone. She goes to instruct him about Maya. Aryan tells Sarita that he will hide Maya. Aaliya fails to see him. Dushyant asks Vikram what is he doing. Vikram tells that it was a small fight, which ruined the mandap. Dushyant warns him and asks them to fix everything. He shoots in the air to control them. He tells that he likes to watch people fighting, its like a family game, he will see it after the wedding. He wants the marriage to happen soon.

Ranbir and Prachi leave the mandap for some time, so that the mandap gets fixed. Dushyant asks Vikram to start the work. Vikram tells that he is from the groom’s side. Dushyant compels him. Aaliya tells the goon that the marriage has stopped for some time, he can kidnap the bride. He assures that he will finish the task in no time. Shahana asks Sarita why is she supporting Sarita. Dushyant asks Aaliya to help Vikram.

After thinking well, Aaliya tells him that she will fix the mandap. She wants to keep an eye on them. Maya’s mum tells Prachi that Kohlis are really weird. Prachi gets upset when she speaks ill of Kohlis. Goon Madan goes to kidnap the bride. Chobey asks Ranbir why did Maya like him. Ranbir tells him that he told all his bad qualities to Maya, even then she likes him. Chobey tells that Maya is senseless, but she is clean at heart. He warns Ranbir against running away. He is ready to give anything for Maya’s happiness. Ranbir wants to call Prachi.

Chobey snatches his phone. He returns the phone seeing it off. Aaliya asks Rhea to get ready fast and come to the mandap. She gives the clothes and jewellery. Aryan lies to Maya’s mum to cover up his deeds. He hides Maya from her. He asks if the marriage happened. Maya’s mum tells that the marriage didn’t happen, there was a fight in the mandap. Prachi wonders where is Maya. She wants to confirm it once. Madan kidnaps the bride.

He gets confused and thinks Maya is drunk. He takes her away in the sack. He lies to her mum before making a leave. Aryan finds Maya missing. He thinks where did he go. Ranbir meets Aryan and finds about Maya. Chobey keeps an eye on them. Ranbir wants to call Prachi. He asks Aryan to handle Chobey. Ranbir asks him to find Maya and hide her somewhere. Ranbir calls Prachi and thanks her for doing so much for him. He asks her if she is in trouble. She tells that she is okay. He tells that Chobey is torturing her. He asks her to be careful of Maya.

Furthermore, Madan finds Rhea getting ready as the bride. Rhea tells that everyone is waiting for the bride in the mandap. He thinks he kidnapped the wrong girl. He gets confused. He thinks to call Aaliya and ask aboit the right bride. Aaliya doesn’t answer his call. He thinks to kidnap Rhea as well. Rhea gets stunned to see him. She wants to tell him that she isn’t the bride he has to kidnap. Will Madan hear her out or kidnap her? Abhi intervenes to stop the marriage. He requests Dushyant to stop the marriage.

Dushyant tells him that the marriage won’t stop at any cost. He threatens Abhi and asks him to back off. What will Abhi do to save Ranbir from an unwanted marriage? When will Ranbir reveal about Prachi’s presence in the mandap as the bride? When will Pragya come face to face with Abhi? The previews shown before didn’t show up in the episodes yet. There are many twists to unfold. Overall, the episode was funny, sweet and entertaining. Abhi and Pragya’s entries in the coming episodes are much awaited.

Kumkum Bhagya 17th September Abhi threatened by Dushyant

Reviewed Rating for this particular episode Kumkum Bhagya 17th Sept Abhi threatened by Dushyant: 3/5
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