Yeh Rishta Kya Kehlata Hai Leap and upcoming twists

Yeh Rishta Kya Kehlata Hai Leap and upcoming twists

Yeh Rishta Kya Kehlata Hai Leap and upcoming twists Kartik is much scared for Naira, who fell down the stairs and got hurt. She is lucky that she didn’t lose her baby. Her baby is still fine. Kartik takes much care for her, just like Samarth, who was obsessed during Gayu’s pregnancy. Kartik looks after her to protect her from every possible danger. Naira gets irritated by his utmost care. She wants her freedom. She wants to enjoy her pregnancy. She thinks he is stopping her from enjoying her pregnancy.

The story goes six months ahead. The family are in favor of Naira, who is upset with Kartik. They blame Kartik for spoiling her mood. He tells her that he isn’t responsible for anything, he is not adamant, he is just doing this to protect Naira. Naira tells him that she isn’t adamant too, she wants to enjoy her pregnancy, she doesn’t want him to dominate her all the best. She tells him that he has kept her caged in the house to protect her, as if the danger won’t enter the house.

She explains that there is always a risk around. She wants him to know that she will be much happy when he lets her live as she wills. Kartik tells her that she was lucky to stay safe after the accidental fall, but she can’t be lucky all the time. He doesn’t want her to put the baby in risk. She tells him that she didn’t go anywhere since many months, she wants to go to their ancestral house to fulfill Dadi’s prayers. She tells that the family trip will be good, even the baby wants it.


Dadi tells Kartik that he shouldn’t torture Naira, she isn’t an ill person to stay inside the house. She asks Kartik to let Naira go out and enjoy. Kartik tells them that he isn’t a hitler ruling over them. He tells her that he is feeling guilty that he is not keeping Naira happy. Naira argues with him and demands him to let her free. Kartik gives up with the family also demands the same thing. He tells her that he will plan a safe trip for her. Kartik and Naira enjoy their time while planning for the trip. He wants Naira to feel happy.

She wants him to be fearless, so that their fear doesn’t affect their baby. The family gets into a laughter mode seeing their funny banter. Kartik learns that Naira and family have already planned the trip, knowing he will be convinced some how. Kartik plans to surprise Naira if he is taking her out. Dadi asks him not to take stress. He tells her that he wants to make the trip special for Naira. Dadi likes his idea and supports her. Kartik wants to give much joy to Naira. Dadi wishes that Kartik and Naira stay happy.

She likes their smiling faces which spread happiness and brightness in the house. They keep their plan a secret. Kartik gets tensed on knowing the driver’s low experience. He doesn’t want the bus driver to drive, since it can be risky if he attends many phone calls while driving.

Kartik surprises the family by becoming the driver. He tells the driver that he can travel along and attend the phone calls. He relieves him from the task. He hires a nurse to take care of Naira. Naira is happy seeing Kartik’s care. She tells Gayu that Kartik is also getting obsessed like Samarth. Gayu tells that there is a difference since Samarth had differentiated between the children, while Kartik is overdoing the care because he loves Naira. She wants Naira to stay happy. She tells that Kartik wants her betterment. Naira knows Kartik’s true love. Naira wants Kartik to be happy as well. Kartik does everything for his coming child. He wishes that his child stays fine.

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